Important Events and Dates in Modern European ..

On May 6, 1916, the Turks executed twenty-one others, seven in Damascus and fourteen in Beirut.

Important Events and Dates in Modern European History"

Atatürk himself is still the focus of a curious cult of personality, with his image (as photographs, busts, etc.) appearing almost everywhere, even in elevators.

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Thus, despite Atatürk, we still have several respects in which Turkey is posed between East and West, Mediaeval and Modern, Islâm and secularism, liberalism and oppression.

In the face of the Islâmic backlash, it is as positive a statement as it has ever been.
The term of Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer ended on 16 May 2007, but a new President was not elected until August.

A referendum was held in Germany on 22 December 1929

As it happens, of course, fewer and fewer American students are even English grammar, much less enough Greek or Latin to understand or appreciate its use of them.

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The doubts about EU membership for Turkey, which had delayed its acceptance, now must become a certainty that Turkey is no longer interested in continuing its development as a European nation.

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Today, the "q" has become a "k" -- so we have and -- while the "gh" has become the silent and lengthening "," a "g" with a breve -- giving us and , much as we often see with "g" in Italian.

The Ottoman Sultans of Turkey & Successors in Romania

More distressing, however, is the possibility, not that Erdoan will steal the next election, but that he will be continued in power with large and enthusiastic majorities.

The Soviet Union During the Inter-War Years (1924-1935)

Most Americans probably are going to be more sympathetic to people with historic grievances against Turkey -- Greeks, Armenians, Romanians, Serbs, even .

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This was for the velar nasal, "ng," as in words like , , "sea," or , , "alone." However, this sound has now been lost, and the modern pronunciation of "sea" is just and of "alone" .

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Given the religious cause that the Ottomans thought they were vindicating, the Fall of Constantinople, far from sad, was one of the supreme moments of achievement in the history of .