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Makes and sells all sorts of fine French, English, Italian and German biskets, preserved fruits; also in brandy, jams, pastes, and jellies, which will be warranted for two or three years, with good care; all sorts of sugar plumbs, dragees, barley sugar, white and brown sugar candy, ice cream and fruits, sugar ornaments which will soon be ready for sale, or to lend out, with many other articles in all the greatest perfection, which he will sell and the most reasonable rates, he being content with a moderate profit, and spares no cost or pains to have every thing of the very best quality.

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The freezer must be kept constantly in motion during the process, and ought to be made of pewter, which is less liable than tin to be worn in holes and spoil the cream by admitting the salt water."
---, Mary Randolph, facsimile 1824 edition with historical notes and commentaries by Karen Hess [University of SouthCarolina Press:Columbia SC] 1984 (p.

It's a more user-friendly package and it's more efficient." The lidded containers eliminate the messy problem of half-gallon bricks that could be - and frequently were - opened at both ends, and reduce "knuckle muck," which is the ice cream that gets on your hands as you dig your spoon deep into the box, he said.

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Their frequent sign 'Produzione Propria' means that gelat artists are at work, using their secret recipes...Gelato seems to taste better than homogenized or standard American ice cream because it isn't as deeply frozenand therefore has a creamier texture, and because it usually contains plenty of fresh eggs and cream...In Rome, the most renowedice cream emporium is Giolitti's...The history of Giolitti's is a good example of the recent fortunes of gelato.

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Le7 June 2008Featured Authors:Guilllaume ApollinaireFélix ArversCharles BaudelaireGérard de NervalMarceline Desbordes-ValmoreJoachim du BellayLouise LabéAlphonse de LamartineAlfred de MussetSully PrudhommeArthur RimbaudPierre de RonsardPaul VerlaineFrançois VillonReturn to Featured AuthorsAlphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869)Born in a provincial noble family at Milly in the Mâconnais, Alphone de Lamartine became enamored early in school of poetry and literature when one of his teachers read a passage from Chateaubriand.

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Le25 July 2001 Return to Featured AuthorsAlfred de Musset (1810-1857)Elegant, witty, and worldly-wise, admitted at barely age eighteen to the literary group Le Cénacle de la rue de Notre-Dame-des-Champs, Alfred de Musset found his early verse wildlyacclaimed, and himself termed a wunderkind.

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This explosive debunking of the myth of the “French Sappho” with the erudition of aseiziémiste of Mireille Huchon's caliber creates an uproar among the French academic establishment, especially afterLouise Labé was placed in the program for the competitive examination of Concoursd'agrégation de lettres modernes for the first time in 2005, four centuries and a half after the Euvres' publication.

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He gave no chapter or verse, but his footnote gives the impression that it was somethinghe recently read, whether in French or in English perhaps we shall one day find out.