I can't say how many treatments I had to get for my Cervical HPV

The treatment options for a woman with cervical cancer depend on the stage of her cancer

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects women

Data is for: 29 European countries, patients diagnosed in 2000-2007 and followed up to 2008, cervical cancer (International Classification of Diseases for Oncology [ICD-O-3] C53).

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Five-year relative survival for cervical cancer in women in England (60%) is below the average for Europe (62%). Wales (58%) and Scotland (58%) are also below the European average but Northern Ireland (61%) is similar the European average.[] Across the European countries for which data is available, five-year relative survival in women ranges from 51% (Bulgaria) to 71% (Norway).[]

I also suffer from spasmodic torticollis for 32 years. After it having been an insurmountable problem, I live without too much difficulty with ups and downs.
Initially I was treated in the neurological department of the St. Anne hostpital in Paris, with injections of botulinum toxin. After initial signs of effectivity, the treatment appeared not to be working. Physiotherapy sessions and physiotherapy exercises at home were more effective.
Then I was asked to do a session of deep-relaxation Rebirth. By the end of the course I was much better and especially in the three months that followed, the assiduous practice of deep relaxation and also the application of positive thinking removed 95% of my torticollis. I had a few spasms per day, fully controllable without fatigue, and totally invisible to others.
It lasted 10 years, after which I had a relapse. After a new stage of relaxation the problem had been settled for another ten years. And again four years ago it came back, but it is very tolerable and when I’m not going very well I force myself back to some relaxation sessions and the problem becomes quite manageable. People who do not know me well do not know that I am a victim of this disease.
I said that before the relaxation I turned my head every second or so, I had spasms that caused a rotation of the entire upper body. I could no longer drive and was almost about to stop working because it was socially impossible.
I think there is great hope in relaxation techniques. From what I understand, deep relaxation allows the secretion of endorphins, which appease the problem considerably. One can find relaxation CDs in good bio shops or esoteric bookshops. I personally use CDs of Yoga Nidra by Micheline Flak.
Good luck, you see you can get by, even if we have to remain vigilant and take care of yourself.

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Five- and ten-year survival has increased by an even greater amount than one-year survival since the early 1970s. Five-year age-standardised net survival for cervical cancer has increased from 52% during 1971-1972 to a predicted survival of 67% during 2010-2011 in England and Wales – an absolute survival difference of 16 percentage points.[]

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And that is really the only interesting information that we can get from the Treatments page. It sometimes annoys me to see that visitors of this blog always visit the Treatments page, and almost never visit the pages Phenomena and Perspectives, the latter being the most significant page of this whole blog (with only 1 or 2 hits per day, versus 50 hits for the Treatments page!).

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Five-year survival for cervical cancer is highest in the youngest women and decreases with increasing age. Five-year net survival ranges from 89% in 15-39 year-olds to 26% in 80-99 year-olds for patients diagnosed with cervical cancer in England during 2009-2013.[]

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Here is a link to an interview with one of those Dentists that make the jaw apparatus. The Doctor/dentist name is Leonard Feld from California, he does say some interesting things, and he does sound very qualified, he has a lot of years of education to learn this. One of the interesting things he said was, that if a person get’s fitted with one of these mouth splints, without first adjusting the jaw to the correct position, that the treatment probably will not work. He also said that over time many people’s jaw heals with the mouth splint to the point where they no longer need to wear one. The testimonials at the end are also interesting. I cannot help but wonder how this would work in conjunction with a good upper cervical chiropractor, well, after all this is what Dr Lee dies in Korea .

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I have got a dentist 5 minutes away from me who wants to help, I have emailed her as much information as I can and the treatment would be free through the NHS but am confused if it would be better to see how much it would cost if the dentist in London helped me….money doesn’t give you happiness but it can help in situations like this! X