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Graphic designers give form and function to text and images for all sorts of communications, from corporate identity and magazines to websites and posters, translating complex information into easily understood visual messages. This program guides you to become a creative thinker with a mastery of conceptual and applied skills. A faculty of experienced professionals with their own successful careers teaches you editorial design (magazines, annual reports), environmental graphics (exhibits, signs), interactive web design, and promotional materials.

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Pocco says that he enjoys a career where he’s able to create. And he recommends that current students be patient during classwork that may appear to be repetitive. ”I remember taking several classes that seemed to have little to do with the genre of photography that I was interested in. However, if you give it your very best, you will walk away with something that makes your photography better.”

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Introduces the basic concepts, terminology, and applications of digital photography. This course explores the creative transformation of images for effective visual communication. Students develop critical thinking and technical skills needed to use photography in their work as designers.

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#8 Graphic Design - Your work will exhibit professional competence in various print design genres including poster design, logo/branding design, magazine layouts, cover design, and packaging. Your design work will show evidence of in-depth research in order to produce a striking, memorable, and creative solution.

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Integrates the skills acquired in Graphic Design Principles I, incorporating typography and graphics to create effective communications design from concept through completion, utilizing industry-standard software.

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#7 Design History - You will have a basic ability to identify and discuss important eras, designers, genres, and techniques in 20th and 21st century graphic design. You will be able to apply the concepts of important designers and design movements in your own work and develop an effective workflow of research, conceptualization, and design.

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#6 Page Layout - You will be able to create consistent, engaging, and readable layouts in InDesign for multi-page documents using master pages to control the style and positioning of text and graphics. Your page layout work will demonstrate proficiency in designing information for print publications such as newsletters and brochures.

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There may be articulation agreements in place at the time the student enters that may not be in place when the student graduates or desires to attend a particular school. Because programs at Bradford School are designed specifically for career preparation, students must assume that credits for courses taken at Bradford School are not transferable to other institutions. Neither Bradford School nor any of its employees can represent that another institution will accept any courses for credit.

Graphic Design Specialized Associate Degree Program

Integrates the skills acquired in the foundation courses and conceptual abilities developed in Graphic Design Principles II. Emphasis is on developing design thinking and building visual problem-solving skills. Students are introduced to Motion Graphics and Game Design Graphics.