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It time period was in the 60s and 70s but the book ends on March 5, 1973 when Dave was taken away from his mother
Main Characters
Minor Character
Ron- Dave older brother (Innocent to the situation)
Stan- Dave's older brother (Innocent to the situation)
Kevin- Dave's baby brother (Innocent to the situation; Dave loved him dearly)
Aggie- Dave's bully (Bully Dave cause of his apperance)
Shirley- Catherine's Friend (Notice the abuse and calls child service)
Russell- Dave's Brother (Innocent to the situation)
Step 4
"As my brother wolfed down their hamburgers,without them knowing I claspedmy hands together, bent my head down
Figurative Language
Main Character include:
Stephen Joseph: Dave's Dad (didn't stop the abuse)
Catherine Roerva: Dave's Mother (inflicted the abuse)
Peter Hansen: Dave's Principle (help stop the abuse)
Joyce Woodworth:teacher (help stop the abuse)
Janice Woods:teacher (help stop the abuse)
School Nurse: (help stop the abuse)
Steve E.

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