Porlyusica treats Erza's right eye

Erza fights the members of Eisenwald

Erza always gets what she wants

While at the casino, Lucy and Erza are playing cards when one of Erza's childhood friends, , steps in to rotate the dealer position. Suddenly, the casino lights turn off due to 's , then comes back on with Shô behind Erza, telling her that he can use Magic as well, and demonstrates this by trapping everyone in the casino inside playing cards.

Erza, Natsu and Gray fight the Lullaby

Siegrain reminds Erza to keep a secret

Before the of the Dragon Slayers begins, Erza, as well as her guildmates, tells Natsu and Gajeel to fight with everything they've got. During the course of the battle, when Sting and Rogue enter , she recognizes the state from when Natsu ate the Etherion back at the Tower of Heaven. She is shocked by Sting's vastly-improved strength in such a state. Later, when Natsu forces Gajeel away to fight and alone, Erza smiles at the sight of Natsu overwhelming the with his attacks. Her smile remains after he has defeated them, following which she also hugs him, much to his displeasure.

In the beginning, Erza was angry...

After Natsu punches their enemy, Ajeel sends more of his sands their way, with Erza recognizing the danger behind his attack. Makarov interferes, turning into his giant state, and grabs the Fairy Tail Mages in order to protect them. Erza insists that Mest teleports them away; a confused Mest asks about the possible destination. Facing Ajeel's , Erza and others beg Makarov to get away; but before the tidal wave of sand can reach them, a bolt of lightning rains down, dispersing the sand, much to Erza's awe. Mest then teleports Erza and the others onto Blue Pegasus' , the airship that Laxus and the others used to reach their location and, with Laxus launching one more attack, they safely fly away. Afterwards, Erza faces Gajeel's critique for not letting him and the others know about this mission, stating that it was supposed to be secret. Everyone goes on to smile as Makarov tears up over finally getting his family back.

Once everyone returns to Magnolia, they are surprised to find the guild completely trashed.

Natsu saves Erza from being a sacrifice for Zeref

Erza is successful in defeating her counterpart, and takes on her guise as Knightwalker afterwards. Erza, still in disguise, catches up with Natsu and Gray and captures them. She drags them to the room, commenting on how she can see eternal Magic coming.

Erza's sorrow after Simon's death

However, when the Exceeds leave, Erza, along with Gray and Natsu, are surprised when Panther Lily drags out the captured . However, Lisanna reveals that she was never dead, but that she was merely transported to Edolas by the Anima, and she is in fact the Lisanna everyone knows. Erza, alongside Natsu and the others, helps Lisanna to return to her siblings.

Erza sacrifices herself in front of Natsu

Back at Fairy Tail, everybody is acting hyper again. Panther Lily tells Erza that it's comforting to see a familiar face like hers, even though she's not the Erza he knew. Later, Erza is by Makarov's side for the announcing of the . Gajeel is not elected to participate, as Erza claims it is too soon for the guild to trust him yet. After the rules are explained, it is revealed that Erza will be participating along with Mirajane and Gildarts. Their main role in the trial is to attempt to hinder the selected teams in some way.

Erza is freed from Evergreen's Magic

When is about to kill Happy, Erza and Gray bash some of the Edolas Guards and show up, ready to attack, and declare Erza Knightwalker to be an enemy of Fairy Tail. Seeing that her counterpart is about to strike Gray, Erza quickly blocks her counterpart's spear with her sword, and the clash of their weapons. Realizing that her group cannot not proceed any further than they already have with Knightwalker hot on their tails, Scarlet orders her friends to carry on without her.

Erza trembling before her reunion with Ichiya

After the participants get to , tells them there will be eight paths, and of them, seven will result in battles. She waits in Path D, and both Juvia and Lisanna. Despite a valiant fight, Erza easily manages to defeat them. After the first part of the exam is over, she, along with Juvia, Lisanna, and Mirajane, all rest at the camp on the island. She questions why and Wendy aren't at the base, which sends her and Juvia out to look for them.