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In the broadcast, addressed to "Dear American Friends", Pham said: "This fall large sections of the American people, encouraged and supported by many peace-and-justice-loving American personages, are launching a broad and powerful offensive throughout the United States to demand that the Nixon Administration put an end to the Vietnam aggressive war and immediately bring all American troops home..." Nixon immediately sends Vice President Agnew before the press to demand that the leaders and sponsors of the Moratorium repudiate the support of a regime that "has on its hands the blood of forty thousand Americans." Not surprisingingly the Moritorium leaders refuse.


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In 1965, a majority of Americans supported U.S. policies in Vietnam; by the fall of1967, only 35 percent did so. For the first time, more people thought U.S. intervention inVietnam had been a mistake than did not. Blacks and women were the most dovish socialgroups. Later research found that antiwar sentiment was inversely correlated with people'ssocioeconomic level. Many Americans also disliked antiwar protesters, and the movement wasfrequently denounced by media commentators, legislators, and other public figures.

By 1968, faced with widespread public opposition to the war and troubling prospects inVietnam, the Johnson administration halted the bombing of North Vietnam and stabilized theground war. This policy reversal was the major turning point. U.S. troop strength inVietnam would crest at 543,000.

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Potter's remarks are an extended version of a speech he gave at the : " the war in Vietnam...has provided the incredibly sharp razor, the divider, that has finally separated thousands and thousands of people from the illusions about the decency and morality and integrity of this country's purpose internationally."

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In the early to mid-1960s, Parris participates in several rallies against the Vietnam War, but by the end of 1965 he ends his relations with white activists.

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Senate Debate on the Resolution, August 5, 1964 May 2, 1964: The first major student demonstrations against the Vietnam take place in New York City.

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()[]July 1965: Several years before Martin Luther King publicly opposes the war (See ), the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party circulates a leaflet entitled "The War on Vietnam: A McComb, Mississippi, Protest" which outlines "five reasons why Negroes should not be in any war fighting for America." Among the reasons: "No one has a right to ask us to risk our lives and kill other Colored People in Santo Domingo and Vietnam, so that the White American can get richer.

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98; ; ]November 27, 1965: Between 15,000 and 25,000 anti-war demonstrators rally at the White House during an SDS-organized March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam.

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Lyndon Johnson in his address announcing this action contends that "Our air strikes from the beginning have been aimed at military targets and have been controlled with the greatest of care." []May 6, 1966: A California State Senate subcommittee issue a 153 page report that accuses University of California President Clark Kerr for having permitted the infiltration of communists, leading to "left wing domination of the Berkeley campus." According to the article about the report, the campus portrayed by the five member subcommittee was a "montage of obscene entertainment, marijuana smoking, homosexuality, and plotting, much of it by nonstudents, against the war in Vietnam." []May 13, 1966: Ronald Reagan, candidate for California governor, demands a legislative investigation of alleged Communism and sexual misconduct at UC Berkeley.