Thus woman is more in tune with nature than man."

More likely, the ancient Native American Indian medicine man could alter consciousness at will.

We humans used to live in our bodies.

My Son the Jihadi (Channel 4) was a stunningly sad, detailed and dignified , and a masterful piece of television about British citizens being recruited to terrorist organisations abroad. Sally Evans’s son, Thomas, left High Wycombe for Somalia when he was 21 to . Thomas was rare among Islamist terrorists: a white British man from a non-religious household. The story has been much discussed in the press, but here it gained an extraordinary intimacy.

And indeed, in many parts of China the worship of ancestral spirits is still practiced.

Red ochre was also used as paint and dye by Paleolithic man.

Indian artifacts from a recent excavation near Jamestown, the first white man settlement in North America 400 years ago, and written accounts by John Smith details that Pocahontas's father, Chief Powhatan, had his lodge east of his subjects campsite.

In many shamanistic societies, male sexual potency as a spiritual state of mind is symbolized with an erection: A matching 2” lingham stone long enough to reach his chin sits on the base: The promise of explosive release is just a kiss away, but one would lose the sparkling bliss.

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(Up until recently, many historic Native American Indians expressed themselves with their hands and arms while they spoke.) Our body is the hub of the universe, though not the center - without the wheel there can be no hub.

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With iPods and Net Phones occupying 3 of our 5 senses while we walk down the street, it's little wonder more of us aren't grill work for city buses: If early man had been caught-up in as much discursive thought as we are today, our species would have long gone extinct.

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Resembling a rising column of smoke, this medicine man figurine brings to mind a gathering of seasoned men sitting around an autumn fire inside a lodge contemplating a big decision.">

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Young hunters or medicine men initiates of the Paleolithic period however, may have been trained by the local senior medicine man on how to practice lucid dreaming or “Little Death” to break this chain of primal fear.

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So it's reasonable to assume shamanism may have been the first mystic tradition involving meditation alone to still the mind and expand ones view in order to develop wisdom - or an ontological cosmology that works within that particular society.

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Like many other mystical practices, it might have been reserved for tribal shamans, who were believed to be in direct touch with the invisible spirits.”

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Amazingly, none of these stones show signs of being worked by man and the figure can withstand very heavy vibration – as precariously stacked as they appear.