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The Raskolnikovs of the world place unbridled and total faith in the human intellect.
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Dostoevsky's Petersburg is the city of unrelieved poverty; "magnificence has no place in it, because magnificence is external, formal abstract, cold". Dostoevsky connects the city's problems to Raskolnikov's thoughts and subsequent actions. The crowded streets and squares, the shabby houses and taverns, the noise and stench, all are transformed by Dostoevsky into a rich store of metaphors for states of mind. Donald Fanger asserts that "the real city [...] rendered with a striking concreteness, is also a city of the mind in the way that its atmosphere answers Raskolnikov's spiritual condition and almost symbolizes it. It is crowded, stifling, and parched."

The priests in these corporate temples, in the name of profit, kill with even more ruthlessness, finesse and cunning than Raskolnikov.
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Great Gatsby American Dream Essay

is about the troubles of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov. Raskolnikov is a young man living in . He used to be a student, but he became so poor he had to stop studying. He plans to kill a selfish old pawnbroker for her money, and he acts on his plan. Raskolnikov argues that with her money he can do good things, and that he was simply killing a person who was not worth anything. He also murdered her to test his idea that some people are naturally better than others and have the right to murder. Several times in the novel, Raskolnikov himself by comparing himself to , saying that murder is allowed for a higher purpose.

Dostoyevsky connects the city's problems to Raskolnikov's thoughts and subsequent actions
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After thinking, Raskolnikov goes to Alyona Ivanovna's . There, he murders her with an . Her quiet half-sister, Lizaveta, comes inside. Surprised, Raskolnikov quickly kills her, too. by what he has done, he leaves most of Alyona Ivanovna's wealth behind, only stealing a few things and a small purse. He then runs away without being seen by anybody.

The notebooks indicate that Dostoevsky was aware of the emergence of new aspects of Raskolnikov's ..
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Raskolnikov is a student who has stopped going to university. He lives in a very small, room in . He does not let anyone help him, not even his friend Razumihin. He plans to kill and steal money from an old pawnbroker and moneylender, Alyona Ivanovna, but it is not clear why he wants to kill her yet. While he is thinking about this plan, Raskolnikov meets Semyon Zakharovich Marmeladov, a sad who recently spent all of his poor family's money on drinking. He also gets a letter from his mother. His mother says that she will soon visit St. Petersburg. She writes about his sister's sudden , saying that they will talk about it when they arrive.


After his murder, Raskolnikov is filled with worry. He hides the things he stole under a rock and tries to clean away the from his clothes. After a short visit to his friend Razumihin, he becomes sick with a and seems to wish to betray himself. Whenever anyone speaks of the murder of the pawnbroker, he acts strangely.

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Dostoevsky began the idea of in the summer of 1865. This was after he had away much of his money. Because of this, he could not pay his bills or eat properly. He owed large sums of money to creditors, and was also trying to help the of his Mikhail. Mikhail had died in early 1864. He began writing it under the title . He wanted to write about "the current problem of drunkenness". However, when Dostoevsky began writing about Raskolnikov's crime, the theme of crime and punishment became his main subject instead.

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"You are a murderer," the man answered still more articulatelyand emphatically, with a smile of triumphant hatred, and again helooked straight into Raskolnikov’s pale face and stricken eyes.