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On the whole wind farms will provide more protection to bushland and grassland than cause damage.

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We are a small family farm. We use sustainable and holistic farming practices that improve the soil, increase biodiversity, and are beneficial to our local community's environment. In practice this means what we take out of the environment we put back in, so land and resources such as water, soil and fertility can be replenished and are available to future generations.

Many coal-fired power stations are burning less coal because of wind farms.

Permitted uses for land in an agricultural land reserve

Once they are operational, wind farms are essentially unmanned offshore facilities with personnel accessing them only to perform maintenance and repairs. Scheduled maintenance ensures ongoing functionality of the equipment and system, and scheduled inspections evaluate condition; maintain safety systems; and satisfy lease, permit, and regulatory requirements. Such routine access is often accomplished with smaller vessels that do not have cranes or large carrying capacity. Unscheduled maintenance, which can include major repairs such as replacing a major wind turbine component, may require the use of larger jack-up installation vessels that can carry replacement components and more personnel (Thomsen 2012). If the manufacturer supplies a warranty period for the wind turbines, the work crews supplied during the operations and maintenance period will consist of a team of two or more people for every 20 to 30 turbines. Routine or scheduled maintenance requires

In Denmark and New Zealand lights on wind turbines are one hundredth the brightness of many of those used on Australian turbines.

Brandon Natural Beef offers Colorado’s traditional 100% grass fed, small ranch beef to consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We partner with Elin Parker Ganschow of Music Meadows Ranch in the Wet Mountain Valley near Westcliffe. Elin comes from several generations of ranchers and has been conducting a grass fed program for over 15 years. Music Meadows was recently placed under a conservation easement with the San Isabel Land Protection Trust, preserving its abundant natural resources forever.

Much of the land of South Australia's Yorke Peninsula  is used for cropping, the 111 turbines of  are in the Western Australian Wheat Belt.

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If a use is permitted under subsection (1) (k) it is a condition of the use that once the extraction of aggregate is complete, the disturbed area must be rehabilitated in accordance with good agricultural practice.

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We are fourth generation, managing the lands that our forbears managed … in a sustainable manner. We are beyond organic, but we are not certified organic. We haven’t used fossil fuel inputs or chemicals of any kind on our property for over six years. We make our own compost that we spread on our fields and we rotate our cattle through lush pastures. We can truly tell in the response of our soil and the sweetness of the grass we produce.

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One difference between an oil and gas industry facility and a wind farm is the way the workers get to work. Oil and gas employees travel to and from offshore structures by crew boat. The workers transfer from a boat to a small landing platform on the structure by using a rope attached to the structure to swing to and from the boat, or they transfer between boat and platform by using a Billy Pugh basket and the platform’s crane. As offshore platforms became larger and moved farther from shore, the transfer of workers by helicopter became more routine. On some European offshore wind farms workers are lowered from a helicopter to a platform on the nacelle, but for the most part offshore wind farm workers will continue to rely on transfers from a boat to the ladder and the transition piece on the wind turbine. Although technical solutions providing a more stable transfer walkway between the vessel and the wind turbine are available, moving people from a vessel to a wind tower presents more potential for individual injuries than landing them by helicopter on an offshore oil and gas structure.

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While land-based and offshore wind farms share many hazards, the offshore work environment presents some hazards not encountered on a land-based facility. Among them are personnel transfers between vessels and wind turbines; helicopter access to offshore facilities; allisions between vessel and wind turbines; collisions between two or more vessels operating in the same area; falls into water by personnel; diving hazards during foundation installation, cable laying, and regular turbine inspections; evacuation from a wind turbine during a fire, explosion, or severe weather event; and the travel distance to and from shore during emergencies.