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On memorable experience I shared with a friend was when I was ten years old.

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We homeschool, which is part of my story. I recently finished my undergraduate degree. Taking my 11 year old with me to all of my college classes, while also pregnant for the last semester, was definitely my most memorable learning experience! I loved discussing things after classes with my son, and what a great way for my daughter to begin her life! I will be starting my Master's next week! I cannot wait to continue this learning journey with my children...while we all wear our newly discovered Soft Stars!

As you can see this was a memorable experience that I shared with my friend.

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My son's most memorable learning experience came in 7th grade, and was not technically in the classroom, but rather when he was first realizing that there were girls...and he liked them! We knew the first school dance of the year was coming up, and he wanted to look cool, to attract the ladies, so to speak. He planned very carefully for that day, combed his hair and dressed in nice clothes. He was so excited!! We drove him to the dance and his eyes lit up when he saw his friends and -- gasp-- girls, milling around. Suddenly, he got shy and announced he did not want to go in! We knew he was very nervous about actually going in. We sat in the car for 45 minutes and talked him into going in. Three hours later, we picked him up and he was all grins! He had a great time, and I think most of all. he was proud of himself for overcoming his crippling shyness. He is now in the U.S. Army and a father and husband himself, and he remembers that night very well.

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Growing up, my mom home-schooled us in the nineties, way before it was cool…
One thing my mom taught us was a curriculum called “Mapping the World by Heart”. Twice a week for a year, we would take out our large 11x17 paper, marked with only grid lines and a sharp pencil, and start tracing the lines in one grid space, learning about each country as we went along. With the help of books (before the internet was being used like it is today), we toured each continent, learning about each country, its peoples, faiths and heritage, exports/imports, and what it might be known for. It was a beautiful, enriching experience and at the end of it, for my cumulative exam, I was able to (from memory) draw the entire world map to scale...with nothing but my mind, my sharp pencil, and a ruler for marking my grid lines! This world map now sits in my home as one of my most prized memories of growing up. One day when my kids are big, I plan to do the same for them.

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His style of writing produces plausible, three-dimensional and psychologically complete individuals that cannot fail to be enjoyable and memorable to all who experience them.

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The poems in Songs of Experience are darker in tone and outlook, affirming a bleaker (or more realistic) view of creation than their “Innocent” counterparts....