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A Transnational Look at Slavery

provides access to contemporary and historical documents and resources of interest to scholars researching the constitutional and political development of the nations of the world. World Constitutions Illustrated includes, for each nation represented, such resources as the current constitution in its original language format accompanied by at least one English translation; links to commentaries and other relevant sources including scholarly articles; direct links to specific chapters within classic constitutional books; a bibliography of select constitutional books; as well as links to online sources such as Portals to the World and official government websites. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)

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is a compilation of the tables of contents and indexes from over 10,000 legal titles from over 90 legal publishers. The tables of contents and indexes are presented in pdf format with search hits highlighted in blue. Access is controlled by HLS IP-address and is limited to the Harvard Law School community. Off-campus access is controlled by HLS Me Account username and password.

Links, tutorials, videos, slideshows and study help for law undergraduates, from the City Law School, London.

provides access to scholarly texts covering topics ranging from the foundations of legal history and philosophy to analytic and comparative work on legal doctrine and empirical research on law in modern society. Oxford Scholarship Online includes titles from Oxford Studies in European Law, Oxford Monographs in International Law, Oxford Monographs in Criminal Law and Justice, Clarendon Studies in Criminology, Oxford Monographs in Labour Law, Oxford Studies in Modern Legal History, Oxford Studies in International Economic Law, and the International Courts and Tribunals series. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)

Modern Healthcare's 19th annual resource guide filled with statistics, rankings and financial figures that shape the healthcare industry.

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is a 225-year archive of tax regulations, laws, and legislative histories, with congressional committee reports and hearings; includes Congressional Budget Office and Government Accountability Office reports. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)

Avalon Project - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

The database provides detailed bibliographic information for thousands of articles, books, government documents, loose-leaf services, court opinions and websites that compare or survey state laws. Subject Compilations of State Laws is organized by topic and includes extensive annotations with links to articles and other documents freely available or available through HeinOnline. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)

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provides access to the published administrative decisions and other issuances of a growing number of U.S. federal agencies, including the AEC, FCC, FTC, IRS, NLRB and SEC. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)

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contains the session laws of all 50 U.S. States as well as Australia, Bahamas, Canada and the United States. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)

Legal Research | Harvard Law School

The provides access to the Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database and the U.S. Federal Legislative History Title Collection. The Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database is derived from the looseleaf publication . All compilations for major laws are included in the database with the following exceptions: appropriations measures; ceremonial matters; laws that extend the life of an agency or authority; and laws that affect small numbers of persons or specific regions of the country. The sources for these compilations include congressional documents, legal periodicals, treatises and looseleaf services. The U.S. Federal Legislative History Title Collection is a collection of legislative histories on some of the most important and historically significant legislation of our time. In addition to major complete legislative histories this collection includes texts related to legislative histories. (Harvard University ID and PIN required.)