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To quote the Concise Oxford English Dictionary a crisis is ‘a time of intense ..

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For example, two people can interact over time, but if they have no implicit or explicit commitments to each other, they do not have a relationship. Also, when the commitment of one or both members dies, the relationship dies along with it, even if the people remain together. This often occurs in marriages, when one or both spouses struggle to preserve the outward semblances of togetherness even though the heart of the relationship is no longer present. ()

There are three burgeoning relationships in the novel that can be closely studied to see the impact of money on love in Austen's time period.

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This pattern stems from our basic tendency to want to be right most of the time. We want to be right about our thoughts and ideas. We want to be right about our feelings, opinions, and ways of acting in life. We want to be right about our theories, values, and moral standards. In short, we want to be right about almost everything, and when we actively pursue this goal, we can destroy our relationships in the process.

Peter Power BA FCMI FEPS FIRM FBCI is managing director of Visor Consultants Limited, London. He regularly helps organisations to plan and deliver highly successful scenario based exercises as well as workshops, leadership courses and motivation sessions. He often appears on BBC TV and other news broadcasts discussing crises and has considerable front-line experience. His research on crisis decision making is quoted in the UK government (Cabinet Office) Guide on Integrated Emergency. He is a special advisor to a number of key organisations including the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness and the Business Continuity Institute London Forum. He is, in addition, a special advisor to the editorial board of Continuity Professional Magazine in the USA and is listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

It is a time of experimentation and it has it’s own stresses.

In some cases where no physical impact is caused (e.g. damage to reputation alone) crisis management ‘quick time’ tasks, such as preparing a media holding statement as quickly as possible, will be the only aspect of a business continuity plan which will need to be triggered.

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For those who are in midlife crisis, you may be overwhelmed by emotions at this time in your life. Learn about midlife crisis. It is a normal life transition which you will recover from. There is a lot to learn here about yourself. Again, THINK. By this time in your life, you have a lot to lose by acting out of desperation.

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I can personally vouch for the wisdom of this philosophy. Whenever I enter into a relationship for the purpose of obtaining things from others, the relationship quickly deteriorates. On the other hand, every time my aim is to ensure the success, happiness, and well-being of other people, the quality of their lives improves and so does mine. Our relationships remains fresh, exciting, and mutually rewarding. This holds true for relationships with spouses, friends, children, parents, colleagues, co-workers, and even total strangers.

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I can't disagree more [with Peter Power]. Emergency services worldwide respond to incidents that involve mass casualties, property loss and massive disruption (bushfires/wildfires in Australia and the US are a great example). They don't refer to them as a crisis. We in the BC world need to adapt the emergency services approach that problems (incidents) occur all the time, but just in different scales. A fire service will respond the same to a garbage bin fire as to a Buncefield fire - it's still a fire. Managers daily deal with IT interruptions, staff calling in sick, customers complaining. A significant incident is the same issues magnified. The BC professional needs to drive a message that ‘it's normal operations in abnormal circumstances’. You don't want to see your fire chief looking like the worlds about to end, so why do you want your Execs to do this?

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In October 1949, Mohammed Mossadegh, a long-time critic of the Pahlavi dynasty who insisted that Iran had a right to control its own oil industry, founded the National Front, a broad coalition that included both middle-class moderates as well as firebrands from the left-wing Tudeh or "Workers" Party.