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____including several self-portraits by Rembrandt,is open through September 15.____

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The perception of his portraiture remains unequalled and his unsurpassed mastery of (treatment of light and shade) was acknowledged by all art critics even when they considered that his subject matter was inappropriate.

But the general truth is, that after the  Rembrandt's portrait commissions tail off significantly.

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Thus Rembrandt is the first great painter on record who habitually reacts against his environment, preferring to live in proud isolation, the first rebel genius in painting, the first painter of the modern sort.

He reached this position of dissent gradually, after fifteen years of conformity.

The picture has a sort of monumentality which is the new note in many of the later portraits.

But Rembrandt rejected the sound principle that the task was one of straight-forward portraiture, substituting instead a mystery and glamour entirely unreasonable in the circumstances.

Rembrandt van Harmensz. Rijn, Self-Portrait with Saskia, 1636, etching, Bequest of Charles J. Rosenbloom

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A little while later, I thought to myself, “Maybe I should just check on this.” The gallery had a wonderful library (this was long before the internet). I pulled out a book on Rembrandt’s etchings, and….there it was. The print WAS an original Rembrandt— (1638)—an impression of which is in Carnegie Museum of Art’s collection. I would later learn that Rembrandt made about 30 self-portrait etchings, some very sketchy and slight, some elaborate (examples below), as well as some 50 paintings and a few drawings.

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Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, Self-Portrait with Raised Sabre, 1634, etching with touches of burin, Bequest of Charles J. Rosenbloom, by exchange

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Three of Rembrandt’s other etched self-portraits are included in . In (above), the artist wears a fur cap and stole; in (below), he is sketching while looking into the mirror, as his new bride Saskia gazes at us in the background; and in (below) he poses as a Renaissance courtier, in a velvet hat and opulent coat. The concept of the self-portrait asan exploration of one’s own psyche did not really exist in the 17th century. Most modern scholars believe that Rembrandt made the prints as models, or “tronies,” as they were then known. He was also producing works for sale and publicizing himself as an artist.

The light is strong and comes from behind

This fact may account for the over three hundred inferior pictures in the standard lists of about seven hundred Rembrandts.

Concerning Rembrandt's way of working - like Frans Hals, he constantly made little oil sketches of heads - many for practice, apparently, for very few correspond to finished portraits.

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Rare pictures and objects of art, with the incorrigible optimism of the collector, he regarded as safe investments of Saskia's little fortune and of the money that came in so easily from portrait painting and teaching.