2. Explain how each simple machine works

 3. Calculate the mechanical advantagefor each simple machine.

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They will be asked to define what the machine does, determine the mechanical advantage, describe the advantages of their machine, and give some "real world"/common situations where their simple machine is used today.

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Inclined plane. The inclined plane is a simple device that hardly looks like a machine at all. The mechanical advantage increases as the slope of the incline decreases. But the load will then have to be moved a greater distance.

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Efficiency. The efficiency of a machine is the ratio between the work it supplies and the work put into it. Although friction can be decreased by oiling any sliding or rotating parts, all machines produce some friction. A lever has a high efficiency due to the fact that it has low internal resistance. The work it puts out is almost equal to the work it receives, because energy used up by friction is quite small. On the other hand, an a pulley might be relatively inefficient due to a considerably greater amount of internal friction. Simple machines always have efficiencies of less than 1.0 due to internal friction.

Energy conservation.
Ignoring for a moment the losses of energy due to friction, the work done on a simple machine is the same as the work done by the machine to perform some sort of task. If work in equals work out, then the machine is 100% efficient.

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Principles of Simple Machines:

Machines simply transmit mechanical work from one part of a device to another part. A machine produces force and controls the direction and the motion of force, but it cannot create energy. A machine's ability to do work is measured by two factors. These are (1) mechanical advantage and (2) efficiency.

Mechanical advantage. In machines that transmit only mechanical energy, the ratio of the force exerted by the machine to the force applied to the machine is known as mechanical advantage. Under mechanical advantage the distance the load will be moved will be only be a fraction of the distance through which the effort is applied. While machines can provide a mechanical advantage of greater than 1.0 (and even less than 1.0 if desired), no machine can never do more mechanical work than the mechanical work put into it.