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21/02/2018 · To Kill a Mockingbird is a book written by Harper Lee

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The speed of these images is 1000 pixels per second,which corresponds to a screen crossing time of 2 seconds. At slower speeds thelength of the blur is proportionally smaller. So for these photographs the bluris unlikely to be noticeable for speeds under 500 pixels per second, whichcorresponds to screen crossing time of 4 seconds, a relatively slow speed. Onthe other hand, most of the other photographs had less noticeable blur, sovisible blur is very image content dependent.

LCD Display Technology Shoot-Out

We used a Nikon D90 DSLR camera to photograph the movingtest patterns and photographs. The screen shots were taken with a shutter speedof 1/160th second, which is less than the refresh cycle time. These screenshots objectively measure the LCD display's own hardware blur, artifacts, and responsetime, and are consistent with what a human observer actually sees with thesemoving images.

The flights departed from three air fields on the East Coast and were scheduled for takeoff within fifteen minutes of one another. The terrorists staggered their boarding times and seating, with an individual who had enough training to keep the plane in the air seated in first class. Sometime after take off, the terrorists took control of the plane. One or more forced their way into the cockpit and took over the controls, sometimes killing the captain and first officer in the process. The other terrorists would begin to herd the flight crew and passengers toward the back of the plane, usually with bomb threats.