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The accusation that abortion is murder, in fact, places the burdenof proof on the accuser.

Lawmaker Under Fire for Telling Students “Abortion is Murder”

Determining whether or not abortion is murder involves two considerations: first, whether or not a fetus in utero is actually a human being, and, second, if a fetus is a child, whether or not abortion can be rightly called murder since it is legal in most countries.

Please draw your own conclusion on whether or not abortion is murder by using this simple two-step test.

Former Abortion Doc: Abortion is "Murder, Society Can't …

Who is right?

Whether or not abortion is murder depends on what is a baby - a human being - and what isn't yet a baby but merely a "zygote," "embryo" or "fetus." You are perfectly capable of perceiving for yourself so please don't let others tell you what to believe.

Finding an honest answer to the question “is abortion murder?” takes courage for those who have performed abortions or  themselves.

(Abortion is as old as childbirth.) The Hebrew word for"kill" in the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is, which is more accurately interpreted as "murder,"or illegal killing judged harmful by the community.

Abortion is killing based on a mother’s unilateral judgment and choice, which defines it as murder.

ABORTION IS MURDER - Proof Abortion Is Murder!

When pro-life activists call abortion "murder," they are suggesting that abortion fits the definition of murder, namely, "illegal killingwith malice aforethought." However, abortion fails this definition for tworeasons.

Is abortion murder? | The Capitalism Site

Justice for a crime requires the punishment of the guilty, not the murder of an innocent (see for the exception), whether inside or outside the womb.

The notion of an 'early' abortion is changing.