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At his 90th birthday party in Washington this past July, McGovern was hailed as a hero for his lifetime of pioneering legislation to feed the hungry of the world. Richard Leach, the president of World Food Program USA, proclaimed "no one on the planet" has had a more profound impact on ending hunger. McGovern was saluted by a bipartisan retinue of politicians who credited him with inspiring them to enter politics.

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As a senator, McGovern wrote legislation to initiate the food stamp program, school lunch program and the supplemental food assistance to women and children (WIC). Later, as a U.N. ambassador, he recruited his former political rival-turned-friend, , to sponsor an international school lunch program to feed the hungry children in less economically developed nations. Both men were honored with the prestigious World Food Prize in 2008.

Though McGovern was a decorated World War II veteran, he was labeled a wild liberal "peacenik." He was accused of supporting "abortion, acid, and amnesty" for those who had evaded the military draft and fled to Canada. Reporters flocked to the campus seeking to differentiate McGovern's personal character from his political caricature.