You must prepare to fight without Achilles.

Discuss about the Conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles from Homer’s The Iliad

I am not warm yet; let us fight again.

One can easily imagine that if Hera had not loved Agamemnon and Achilles equally, the outcome of the quarrel would have quickly been settled by the victory of her favorite.

I'll fight with him alone: stand, Diomed.

Agamemnon, like Achilles, received no direct punishment within the context of the , but there are many stories outside of the that describe his death, rather like the slaughter of an animal, at the hands of Clytemnestra and her lover.

The great Achilles, whom opinion crowns
The sinew and the forehand of our host,
Having his ear full of his airy fame,
Grows dainty of his worth, and in his tent
Lies mocking our designs: with him Patroclus
Upon a lazy bed the livelong day
Breaks scurril jests;
And with ridiculous and awkward action,
Which, slanderer, he imitation calls,
He pageants us.

She tries to make peace between Achilles and Agamemnon in Book 1

But ever is the intent of Zeus stronger than that of men, for he driveth even a valiant man in rout, and robbeth him of victory full easily, and again of himself he rouseth men to fight; and he it was that now put fury in the breast of Patroclus."(.

All the kings left the tent to give Achilles and Agamemnon ..

Soon after Achilles was born his mother dipped him in the River Styx, she was told, by doing this, that the water would make every part of his body that it touched invincible....

Agamemnon's conflict with Achilles in the ..

Even as he prepares to send Patroclus out to fight in his stead, Achilles says: "`I would, O father Zeus, and Athene, and Apollo, that no man of the Trojans might escape death, of all that there are, neither any of the Argives, but that we twain might escape destruction, that alone we might loose the sacred diadem of Troy'" (.

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The anger of Agamemnon has spread like an infection, first producing the plague, and then inflaming Achilles, leading to the events of Achilles' wrath and the plan of Zeus, paralleling the anger of Chryses and the plague of Apollo.

fails to sway Achilles back into the fight

Must get back Achilles!
89-211: Greek leaders go to Agamemnon's ship for a meeting (and FEAST)
260-282: Make an offer to Achilles
300-306: 3 other motivating reasons for Achilles to fight
307-349: Achilles' answer
(Phoinix gives a lecture)
617-619: Achilles is partially swayed
620-632: Achilles' ego!!!
643-668: Achilles makes a deal - "I will fight if..."
Greeks doubt Achilles, go back and get ready to fight.

of a battle between Achilles and Agamemnon.

Achilles asks Thetis to remind Zeus of this debt and then beg him to help the Trojans against the Greeks, so that Agamemnon "'may know his blindness in that he honoured no whit the best of the Achaeans'" (.