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What happened next—the slaughter of the family and servants—was one of the seminal events of the 20th century, a wanton massacre that shocked the world and still inspires a terrible fascination today. A 300-year-old imperial dynasty, one marked by periods of glorious achievement as well as staggering hubris and ineptitude, was swiftly brought to an end. But while the Romanovs' political reign was over, the story of the line's last ruler and his family was most certainly not.

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In 1295 a "parliament" was convened by Frederick, the younger brother of the absentee King James of Sicily (both were sons of King Peter of Aragon). At this session, the Sicilian baronage nominated Frederick, who was Sicilian by birth and upbringing, as their sovereign, and crowned him at Palermo the following year as Frederick III of Sicily. His elder brother objected but could do nothing to alter the course of events. In the wake of the Vespers, this was an early example of the importance of the assent of the people, or at least that of the baronial faction, in deciding who would rule Sicily.

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Styled "Count of Sicily" by his knights, and "emir ofemirs" by the Arabs, brought to his new dominion a complex,tolerant feudal system. His rule also brought with it religious freedom,multicultural artistic expression and national sovereignty. There was littleactual serfdom as that institution was understood in most of Europe, and very little slavery. There were mosques, synagogues and plentyof churches, English bishops and Saracen imams. The Sicilians who didn't speak Greek or Arabicspoke Norman French, and court decrees were issued in several languages,including Latin, Greek and Arabic. monks worked alongside Arab scribes. The Normans accepted certain Byzantine, Jewish and Muslim legal practices; as it then existed in Sicily was fairly sophisticated, and there is evidence that it was exported to England.

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Though officially known as the House of Romanov, ..

1100-221 | Conquest and absorption of most of China's non-Chinese-speaking population by Chinese-speaking states, during Zhou Dynasty 1085 | 21st Dynasty in Egypt - Capitols Tanis & Thebes - Power splits with Lower Egypt ruled from Tanis and Upper Egypt ruled from Thebes 1010-931 | Israelite Kingdom: kings Saul, David and Solomon reign over United 12 Hebrew Tribes (Kingdom)

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concomitant upon each. In the spelling of proper names, too, I sometimes infringe the rule. This is owning to the fact that, for obvious reasons, particularly in regard to Africa, I had no opportunity of learning the current mode of spelling the names of persons and places; and I have been compelled, in some instances, to adopt the phonetic plan, and used such English letters as nearly corresponded to the sounds of the name as I remember them. I have, as far as possible, refrained from the use of foreign words and phrases, and whenever they do occur, or when the idiom or mode of expression is un-English, it must be attributed to my inability to convey the idea I desired in that language.

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This was the case of several Arab towns. Usually tolerant of Islam, Frederick and his German barons were unwillingto accomodate the many demands of the Muslims who still inhabited a few parts of the Sicilianinterior. For some years before 1220, Ibn Abbad, a Saracen leader, had been actingas an independent sovereign, only to have his ambitions thwarted by thereal sovereign, who resettled some of Sicily's Muslims in Apulia. But though Sicily's Church was gradually becoming Latinized,and the Pope supported local suppression of the Muslims, the Papacywas only rarely happy with Frederick's use of power. He ruled two-thirds of Italy, with the Papal State sandwiched in between, and his death in 1250 was met in Rome with a sigh of relief.

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Had Nicholas II died after the first 10 years of his reign (he came to power in 1894), he would have been regarded as a moderately successful emperor. Ultimately, though, his well-intentioned but weak personality—which also comprised duplicity, obstinacy, and delusion—contributed to the disasters that befell the dynasty and Russia.