Actors must find various ways to achieve this...

This is very important for actors to explore -- the -- what is UNDER the lines.
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In practice--probably a combination of both of these is best.

He turned professional comparatively late in life, fortuitously in the same year, 1948, his friend, actor and writer Joseph Tomelty was commissioned by the BBC N.I. Home Service to formulate a script schedule for his proposed comedy show ‘The McCooey’s’. McBride was mooted as Sammy, the father of the eponymous, ordinary Belfast family, Mina Dornan as his wife Maggie and J.G. Devlin, eight years McBride’s junior, as the Granda. Tomelty’s character, the local grocer Bobby Greer, made irregular appearances in what became a local broadcasting sensation, from its inaugural transmission on 13th May 1949.

-- remembering action / feelings from own life that resemble character's in play.
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The Hollywood he returned to in 1929 had now changed beyond recognition and was attracting the great and good from the world of theatre. His talkie debut that year was similarly low key, playing a character called Dogface in director Robert Flory’s mystery drama ‘The Hole in the Wall’, starring Edward G. Robinson and French starlet Claudette Colbert. He worked on another film ‘Secrets of a Secretary 1931, but once again his passion for the stage took him back to New York, where for a further six years he would ply his trade in some of Broadway’s most prestigious venues.

Substitution -- substituting a real person (mentally) for other actor.
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Insouciant and effective leading actor and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate from 2007, who rather auspiciously made his professional debut that same year at the Young Vic, Southbank, London. He made the most of this opportunity, proving impressive in the title role of DBC Pierre’s black comedy ‘Vernon God Little’, directed by Rufus Norris, in a cast including ‘The Thick of It’ regular Joanna Scanlan.

Acting becomes more literal and "representative" of manners and behaviors.
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108, tells us that Diderot endorsed more realistic prose dialog rather than verse.) Before this, there was not much of a specifically acknowledged approach to acting.

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Tensions and blocks must be overcome usually through exercises, (enacting characters in a situation without planned script or blocking)theatre games (animals, stereotypes, machines, etc.).

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Often broken down into three "types" of objectives: -- what the character wants for each scene -- the "" -- what character wants for the whole play. Also called the .

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Character relationships: Robert Cohen in his uses the term "relacom," referring to "relationship communication."
All communication has at least two dimensions: the content dimension of the message and the relationship dimension of the message.

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Actors need to understand how their character relates to the theme and the action of the play: is the character a protagonist, antagonist, or foil, a major or minor character.

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Acting can be considered as a "pure art": the artist and the instrument are the same.Acting consists of: