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Although their comments address larger interracial dynamics, they also gesture toward the problem at hand: Relationships for young black women are fraught with challenges. Furthermore, lack of interracial progress (as noted above) impacts intraracial relationships—how black men relate with black women. And these combined challenges affect how black women see themselves.

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A study of Mexican immigrants in America found that those who had immigrated after the age of 17 were less affected by the prevailing super-thin ideal than those who were 16 or younger when they came to the US. In a Washington University study, Black women with high self-esteem and a strong sense of racial identity actually rated themselves more attractive than pictures of supposedly 'beautiful' white fashion models. In another study about 40% of moderately and severely overweight Black women rated their figures to be attractive or very attractive. Other research indicates that this may be because African-American women are more flexible in their concepts of beauty than their White counterparts, who express rigid ideals and greater dissatisfaction with their own body-shape.

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The news media is also ready to accept that entertainment programming affects viewers' health-related actions--under the right conditions. The February 2004 TV Guide cover story discussed above, which showed such eagerness to accept that "ER" had had a huge positive impact on ED medicine and women in medicine, is an obvious example. () Of course, TV Guide has ignored the Truth's "ER" campaign, though it did take the time to ridicule the Truth's contention that the soap opera "Passions"'s long-term use of an orangutan to play a private duty nurse could possibly have a negative affect on nursing. ()

Heroin use during pregnancy can result in neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)