What were the purpose of trenches in world war 1

  by James Hinton   The history of women in nursing and warfare is well known.

What was World War 1 trench warfare

The encyclopaedia of the First World War on the Spartacus Educational website is created in sections, these being: Chronology, Outbreak of War, Allied Armed Forces, Central Powers, Important Battles, Technology, Political Leaders, British Home Front, Military Leaders, Trench War, The Soldiers and Major Offensives.

In truth, the history of female nurses in warfare did not begin in the middle of the 19th century, but in fact goes back much further.

Library resources; Trench warfare, Australian War Memorial

Prior to World War II, the company Wiking became a leader in the field, but the war ended its dominance.

After , several manufacturers started business in Germany, which remains a major centre of production to this day.

The bulk of the book is blank and intended for Soldiers to use to record a diary or art to help kill the boredom of trench warfare.

Commercially available historical rule-sets cover practically every era of naval warfare from the ancient and medieval ships through the fleets of the Age of Sail, the ironclad an battleship eras to the modern era.

Battle remains of trench warfare in today's ..

Much of the cause of horrendous casualties of trench warfare …

HMDT Music is an independent music charity which has set up a project for primary schools called Trench Brothers. It commemorates the achievements and contributions of ethnic minority forces in the First World War. Delivered in partnership with the National Army Museum and Little Angel Theatre, it offers artefacts and Costumed Interpreter sessions, puppet making workshops for students to make their own force of Trench Brother soldiers and a composition session setting students’ Letters Home to a given soldier to music. With access to an Education Zone, offering 90 lesson plans and activities in every subject mapped to the new curriculum, it culminates in interactive performances in each school of a new music theatre work.

Trench Warfare by David Lewis Paget

The Tank Museum in Dorset is an established centre for learning with activities supporting the National Curriculum. The museum offers services for individuals and groups wanting to learn about the subjects of warfare, history and the Royal Armoured Corps regiments. There is an excellent walk-through trench experience. For information about the services for teachers, schools, students in higher education and access to the archive resources go to The Tank Museum website at:

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The founders of Khaki Devil, Taff Gillingham and Kev Smith, are both collectors of uniforms and equipment, providing historical advice for a long list of film, television and theatre productions.

Ottoman soldiers in a trench during World War I

Baseball was, to a degree, a paradigm for his thoughts and the operational concepts that helped guide his approach to warfare, to include his most notable campaigns of World War II.

Trench warfare is a type of land warfare using occupied ..

The year after the Reinsurance Treaty lapsed Russia allied itself with France. Both powers agreed to consult with the other should either find itself at war with any other nation, or if indeed the stability of Europe was threatened.