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Aldrich, chief postal inspector: "We'll simply have to wait until it collapses which shouldn't be long." Enforcement would require "they arrest most of the residents of Denver." Classified Ads (Personals): "Chain Letters 1 cents Each, Out-of-towners include postage. Mutual Multigraphing Co." Two other ads, one at 5 for 10 cents, 100 for $1.]

This would be the earliest endless chain letter by far, but the report is probably false.
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[Thousands "laughing and shouting" gather seeking certified letters. Promises $81 for $1 invested (plus 50c for letter). Strangers approach each other to keep letters going. Several shops selling, hire attractive women barkers. Other women work crowd silently. Kansas City UP: Notarized letters started by two notaries in Springfield. "A chain letter player would bring a prospective player to the notary and before witnesses see that he mailed out his contribution before he was allowed to sign his name to the chain." "Within 24 hours exchanges were opened in a dozen Missouri and Kansas towns." "Townspeople were induced to send money to names supplied on waiting chain letters and to have their copies of the chain letter made by the waiting stenographers." Promoters move on to another town after about a day. Display ad p.

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Note this is $10 merchandise for $4 received. But any who failed to sell all three coupons would lose the dollar they paid for them. For other articles on case see , "chain sales," 1933-1935.]

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[Derides participation in the "media" chain. Possible origin: "The decision to copy other people's cover letters as part of the package apparently started with Judy Kurianski of cable TV's Consumer News & Business Channel." Gives celebrity participants and their comments, including Jody Powell and Pierre Salinger. Gene Foreman of the : "Understand that I am not doing this because I'm superstitious. I just want to avoid bad luck." Offers to receive LCLs to allay anxiety at: Chain Letters Anonymous, P.O.

Annotated bibliography on chain letters and pyramid schemes

105. In the last few years a scheme known as the 'Chain Letter Scheme' has become quite popular and has been resorted to by the gamblers and by those who did not scruple to perpetrate a fraud upon a confiding and unsuspecting public. The scheme is this: The promoter writes a letter to some one and states that he desires to raise money for a certain purpose and requests the addressee to send him ten cents or some small amount and to write a similar letter to a certain number of his friends, the number varying in the different schemes, being three in some, ten in others, etc. all the addressees being requested to forward the required sum to the promoter. Each correspondent, it states, would become the starter or originator of a series and a prize is offered to each of these upon condition that the series, he originates or starts, would continue, without a break, till 10,000 or some other number named, is reached. For instance, A starts a series by writing letter to ten of his friends and thus starts a series and if all of his ten friend, all of the hundred, that his friends write to and all of the ten thousand this thousand write letters to write similar letters to their friends and send the required sum each to the promoter the starter or originator is to receive a prize but if anyone of the ten, hundred, thousand or ten thousand fails to do this the prize is lost. It is very readily seen that the chances of winning such a prize is remote indeed.

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"The best kind, the experts decided, were the ones that would 'scare' the ones who received the letters into complying with keeping the chain unbroken." Gives complete text (no addresses) of Send-a-Dime type with general bad luck threats, .

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Send-a-dime basic history. Pyramid sales described in revealing 1900 : Parisian skirt fad, coupons 20 cents, books of 5, value of skirt $5. Author's CL classification: exchange, money, merchandise (commercial), St.