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The Bad: Metal is prone to denting, though this depends on gauge, or thickness, of the material. Scratches are common and overtime can be noticeable, though Zinc has a natural way to overcome this. For Steel and Aluminum, there is a bit of a maintenance factor involved, but compared to say wood it is not all that much. If going with Zinc or Copper, the expense may be considered a con, but those certainly make up for that in terms of longevity.

27/08/2011 · I've owned two trailers with aluminum frame/fiberglass and filon exterior. I've also owned two older units with a wood frame and aluminum skins.

Both materials come with advantages and disadvantages

We are often asked about one metal vs. another - most commonly steel vs. aluminum. Despite the excellent case we have made for aluminum above, we do not have a distinct preference. There are so many varying factors that will contribute to making that decision for each boat, and for each owner. Some boats are designed for one material only, other boats can make use of either.

My method does involve taking them down, but it’s easier for me because I don’t have the patience to do them one by one slat. I have 2 wire coat hangers that I hang over the wooden fence in the backyard using the natural hook. Hang them between 2 boards and that will leave a v-shape on either side of the fence. I p place the rail of the blind into the hanger V and the hanger may bend due to the weight, but thats ok. they are pretty stable and I have enough control to open and close them. I simply use the little thingy where I took the wick/stick off and turn it with my fingers. I close them on one side and spray with 409 then take the hose to them! I then turn them using the wick and spray and hose down the other side. While they are hanging there drying I go inside and wash the window.