What makes the US military great?

What makes the US military great

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When asked what makes America great, the largest share of respondents — 24 percent — said that the “opportunity to become who you want to be” and the so-called “American dream” are what they love most (note: the results are based on respondents’ top two choices).

great deal about "why they hate us" and about why America is so bad

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Our focus needs to be on local and state offices. Governors and legislatures wield a great deal of power over their state and can use that power to push back against the federal government. Using the Tenth Amendment, states have the power to stand up and they should do so. Making America great again isn’t all about immigration policy or jobs, because the heart of the American legacy is a limited government that truly enables free markets.

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Putting America first goes beyond immigration policy and making it great again goes beyond just combating snowflakes. The American government was built on a foundation of limited government. In fact, the Articles of Confederation created a federal government so weak it could barely function. This was out of fear of a big government getting out of control.

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ow that the slogan “Make America Great Again” has come and gone, it’s time to seriously explore what makes the American legacy great. The only way to make America great again is to understand what made it great in the first place, and this may be where the President is falling short in a number of areas.

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Thoughtful and engaging, What’s So Great About America offers the grounds for a solid, well-considered patriotism—the sort of patriotism that America will need to sustain itself in the many challenges that lie ahead.

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But in What’s So Great about America, best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza takes on all of America’s critics and proves them wrong—as perhaps only a writer with an immigrant’s understanding of this country can. He defends not an idealized America, but America as it really is, and measures America not against utopia, but against the rest of the world in a provocative, challenging book.

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For all his rhetoric about making America great again, it seems as though President Trump still doesn’t understand how to make it happen. To be fair to him, most Presidents haven’t.