As it happens, dating in more than three eras that includeA.D.

This  mag publishes some of the mostintriguing research anywhere in the Geisteswissenschaften ( ).

has been tried (see explanation at entry).

Francesca tells me that when shecopy-edits a long work, she goes straight through from the beginning and thengoes back and does the first 20% over again.

The book was published in 1932.

The clientele at the blue-collarish workout club I used to go to isgreat for the girl who likes a man in or out of uniform: lots of cops andnational guard reservists.

Places with lots of black padding, free weights,and machinery that looks like it sprang from the frothy imagination of anelementary-mechanics textbook author.

The serves , which include both and (in 1888-1993) meanings for.

(And maybe further on; I haven't,like, made a thorough review of the text, you know?) The dilemma is posed, andbrand-X dating strategies are fairly reviewed and trashed:

Over the years, you've ...

is analog-to-digitialconverter.

(Youprobably haven't recognized me from my ads, since there I'm taller, leaner,younger, wealthier, more cultured and yet more down-to-earth, and all-aroundmore impressive, but I'm still that same old modest, honest Al that you'venever met.) Hmm.

German: `Pressuremeasurement .'

On page 9 they stateAs they explain, ``it's time for personals to shake off the stigma and comeout of the closet.''Well, heartened by this, let me stride right out of the closet into the foyerand finally get this off my chest: I admit it, I uh, I use the personals.

(22 = 3 mod show biz -- no wonder they have huge costoverruns!

But there isn't.)Update 2002: there's another text-based mate-search tool: Inmy continuing [throat-clearing noises] sociological research, I have becomeaware of a paperback tome entitled , based onresearch by one Claudia Beakman, assisted by experienced author KarlaDougherty.

Let me be clearer about that: I mean the second second entry.

Getting back to that liquid culture course, you know, I'm wondering just whatkind of ``man'' would let someone else tell him what brew he should drink.

Ummm, just follow the link.) Some productions have a4AD.

Alright, more good ideas forthe lonely cardiac muscle: one of my guard pals at the library, by way ofconclusion to his regular rant about incompetent library management, says he'sbeen married to his wife for about a century (I didn't catch the precisefigure), ``God bless her.

At least it savedme reading the book.

The sex distribution is a bit more representative of the driving population,but getting signed up for this is trickier than for beer or jazz-clubeducation.