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Regan's analysis takes advantage of this linguistic inaccuracy.

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Regan (17) advocated for animal rights in the animal rights movement with goals such as totally abolishing the use of animals as a science, dissolving the commercial animal agriculture and also eliminating of sport hunting, trapping and commerce. He noted that many people believe in animal rights but do not integrate the above goals. Tom Regan leads in advocating for the rights of animals. While Singer advocates for utilitarian programs for animal liberation, Regan was against this view. He was against utilitarianism due to absence of intrinsic worthiness and value. From Regan’s point of view, he notes that both humans and animals have equal intrinsic values that their right to life bases. That is why he called for the goals above and he noted that the fundamental wrong was the system that allows us to take animals as our resources.

This close (thoughimperfect) correlation between species and the capacity-set called"personhood" leads to the common, though strictly incorrect, term"human rights." Regan's analysis takes advantage of this linguisticinaccuracy.