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Joe: Can a parent waive her rights to attend a triennial meeting for her child? Can the meeting therefore continue without the presence of the parent?

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to Special Education Law and Advocacy

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Introduction: Two methods of treating the sick were used by the American Indians in early days and are continued to some extent at the present time. One method involves the private ministrations of a doctor or medicine man and the other a public ceremony, conducted by a number of doctors, attended by many people, and often continued for several days. Music is an important phase of each method and consists of singing by the doctor or his assitants and the shaking of a rattle or beating of a drum. The songs used in these treatments are said to come from supernatural sources in "dreams" or visions, and with them come directions for procedure and a knowledge of the herbs to be used.

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Sophie: Carla, I think you can find a general list by googling, but you’ll want to supplement this with a list of more personal observations related to your child.

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Mauri: My son is in the 9th grade and having trouble keeping up the classroom. He comes home with incomplete classwork and homework on top of that. He is, per his IEP, suppose to get class notes, a weekly/monthly calendar, and help staying on task in class. He has Aspergers and ADHD. He is unable to take medications because they cause tremors. I think he would benefit from having an inclusion teacher. Is the a reasonable request?

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