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29/03/2013 · Analysis of Shakespeare Sonnet #87

Both Bate and Schalkwyk made this connection between Shakespeare as writer of plays and the ways in which the sonnets work. He gives us the emotion of a siutation, and we are free to imagine an infinite number of appropriate scenarios. As Bate puts it, “This, then, is the genius of the sonnets: their power to generate readings”.

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I can’t recommend too highly the splendid “Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets” by the Scottish poet Don Paterson. It’s a splendid way into the sonnets.

It never ceases to amaze me how ambiguous (in the best sense of the word) Shakespeare’s works are – how rich and multi-dimensional he expresses ideas. Not a black and white literary expression, but words that can be interpreted on many layers. And I believe Sonnets (which at first glance might seem very straighforward expressions of love) are great examples of this kind of complexity.