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Andrew Lloyd Webber is arguably the most successful composer of our time. He is best known for ...

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Lord Lloyd-Webber’s show was rewritten and opened again in November 2010 with a clearer narrative. The updated version was given a warmer reception than the original and was largely seen as an improvement.

Broadway's 'School of Rock' features new music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and adorable kids.

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Search YouTube for "Pie Jesu - Andrew Lloyd Webber" and you'll get thousands of results. Since I mentioned above that the song's recent popularity is due in part to a handful of singers, the links below will take you to videos of their "Pie Jesu" performances. I've also included a few of my favorite recordings by classically trained singers.

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Unlike a traditional , Lloyd Webber combined the texts of the Pie Jesu and Agnus Dei, as well as the Hosanna and Benedictus, and split the Sactus into two movements. This treatment of the sacred texts is unique to Andrew Lloyd Webber and will be remembered and enjoyed for many, what will likely be, centuries.

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Earlier this month Lord Lloyd-Webber revealed in an interview that illness prevented him from properly overseeing the initial opening of . The writer and producer admitted that the first run should have been postponed until he was well enough to put his full efforts into the show.

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, Andrew Lloyd Webber composed his Requiem after learning about two horrific events; the first was an article he read in the New York Times that detailed the story of a Cambodian boy who was forced to murder his mutilated sister or be executed himself, and the second event was the death of a journalist who had interviewed Andrew Lloyd Webber just weeks before, who ended up dying in Northen Ireland as a result of the .

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The movie deftly managed to both wink at and express affection for the classic and hard rock that was Dewey's obsession, including a few songs -- performed by Dewey and the kids -- that mimicked both the muscular drive and the sometimes giggle-inducing melodrama of this oeuvre. The stage incarnation includes these tunes and, ingeniously, adds original music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man who married rock bombast to musical theater.

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Lloyd Webber, happily, has approached the project with a healthy sense of humor, though he and lyricist Glenn Slater also provide a few earnest ballads to help propel the story. The book by Downton Abbey scribe Julian Fellowes adds a few contemporary touches: One child now has two fathers, and there are references to Taylor Swift and the Kardashians. (When is someone going to realize that this family won't go away until we start ignoring them?)