a pattern of cultural discrimination against women.

There are all just defense mechanisms people use to ignore actual arguments about discrimination.

Arguments over the appropriation of culture have deep roots

So, this group of feminist arguments against biological determinismsuggested that gender differences result from cultural practices andsocial expectations. Nowadays it is more common to denote this bysaying that gender is socially constructed. This means that genders(women and men) and gendered traits (like being nurturing orambitious) are the “intended or unintended product[s] of asocial practice” (Haslanger 1995, 97). But which socialpractices construct gender, what social construction is and what beingof a certain gender amounts to are major feminist controversies. There is no consensus on these issues. (See the entry on for more on different ways to understand gender.)

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Instances of Discrimination Fletcher (2010) mentions that "The over identification of minority students in special education and the subsequent isolation, stigmatization, and inferior treatment that immigrants receive confirms the notion that education in America falls short of offering a level playing field for all (p.

Crosnoe (2011) states that " Although some immigrant groups have used k-12 education to improve their social and economic prospects, others have faced disadvantage, discrimination, and other barriers in American schools that reinforce social stratification" (p.130).

He claims that these arguments, ..

Perceptions on discrimination, on the other hand, increase individual prefernce for ethnic in-group identification (Rumbaut 1994) and as a consequence, increase individual investments in non-English language( Fishman 1966; Hamers and Blanc 2000) " (p.

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One may want to critique the three accounts outlined by rejectingthe particular details of each account. (For instance, see Spelman[1988, chapter 4] for a critique of the details of Chodorow'sview.) A more thoroughgoing critique has been levelled at the generalmetaphysical perspective of gender realism that underlies thesepositions. It has come under sustained attack on two grounds: first,that it fails to take into account racial, cultural and classdifferences between women (particularity argument); second, that itposits a normative ideal of womanhood (normativity argument).

since the school’s discrimination goes beyond ..

Moreover, as a practical matter, organized anthropology's refusal to participate in drafting the 1947 human-rights declaration has meant that anthropologists have not had much of a role in drafting later human-rights statements, such as the United Nations' "Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women," approved in 1979.


Both arguments rely on the assumption that individual social identity mediates the relationship between perceived discrimination and language proficiency, Past research suggests that perceived discrimination may also have a direct impact on English language proficiency by drawing boundaries between social groups and by limiting opportunities to use English language in a natural social environment" (p.

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Medvedeva (2009) goes on to say that
the " Third theoretical argument proposes that adolescents who feel discriminated against tend to be excluded in English-dominant activities and networks (Fisher et al.