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1. One of the most important advantage of arranged marriage is that it ensures that both individuals are perfectly matched on the factors such as religion, culture, social status, financial strength, background, language and similar lifestyle, so the risk of incompatibility is completely eliminated. Thus when both individuals have almost everything in common, there would be more chances that the arranged marriage would be more successful than love marriage.
2. Another advantage includes support from Parents and extended family members. When it is an arranged marriage, the parents do support the relationship and there would be a strong cooperation between the parents of the two individuals. They try their level best to make their children happy and keep the relationship between them strong and alive. Also when times of difficulty arise, both individuals get financial and emotional supports from their parents.

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Almost all Indian children are raised with the expectation that their parents will arrange their marriages, but an increasing number of young people, especially among the college-educated, are finding their own spouses. So-called love marriages are deemed a slightly scandalous alternative to properly arranged marriages. Some young people convince their parents to "arrange" their marriages to people with whom they have fallen in love. This process has long been possible for Indians from the south and for Muslims who want to marry a particular cousin of the appropriate marriageable category. In the upper classes, these semi-arranged love marriages increasingly occur between young people who are from castes of slightly different rank but who are educationally or professionally equal. If there are vast differences to overcome, such as is the case with love marriages between Hindus and Muslims or between Hindus of very different caste status, parents are usually much less agreeable, and serious family disruptions can result.

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3. Another advantage that comes along with the support from extended family members is advice. When both individuals have to make some major decisions, their parents and elder family members advice and help them from their life experiences in making such a major decisions of life.
4. In case of government or private jobs, when both individuals have to go to work, they could rely on family members to look after their children.
5. Most important and above all advantage of arranged marriage is this that rate of divorce is very low in arranged marriages. Since most arranged marriages take place in south-Asian countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, where divorce is almost unthinkable because most religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Christianity discourage divorce but do permit it in few cases when it is difficult to live with each other.
6. With arranged marriage both individuals avoid courtship and dating. The many years spent as an individual dating and trying to find the perfect someone is completely eliminated with arranged marriage.
Along with advantages, arranged marriages may also include disadvantages. Following are the disadvantages of arranged marriage.
1. One disadvantage is the fact that both individuals don’t know their weak and plus points for better understanding and respect for each other.
[adsense]2. Both individuals don’t have the opportunity to make their own decision because when marriage is arranged by parents and family members, they don’t encourage the individual to decide on when they should marry.
3. Another disadvantage of arranged marriage is that interference of extended family members also creates problems for both individuals in their personal life.
4. Another disadvantage that occurs along with arranged marriage is the fact that love within the marriage is second priority. Parents of individuals give more importance to social and economic status rather than romantic love between two individuals and believe that true love will eventually bloom after the marriage.

Arranged Marriage: CNN Examines The Age-Old Practice …

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The actual definition of an arranged marriage is a marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship. So in a sense, it is the opposite to a love marriage, where marriage would be considered the final step to solidating the relationship.

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Some tribal people of central India practice an interesting permutation of the southern pattern. Among the Murias of Bastar in southeastern Madhya Pradesh, as described by anthropologist Verrier Elwin, teenagers live together in a dormitory (ghotul ), sharing life and love with one another for several blissful years. Ultimately, their parents arrange their marriages, usually with cross-cousins, and the delights of teenage romance are replaced with the serious responsibilities of adulthood. In his survey of some 2,000 marriages, Elwin found only seventy-seven cases of ghotul partners eloping together and very few cases of divorce. Among the Muria and Gond tribal groups, cross-cousin marriage is called "bringing back the milk," alluding to the gift of a girl in one generation being returned by the gift of a girl in the next.

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We are all familiar with the story : boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl gets married. For the majority of the western world, this is our ideal of a great beginning to a perfect marriage. It is important to realize that while India is very modernized in some aspects (i.e.. they lead the world in student's math and science scores and produce the largest amount of engineers in the world) they still keep to the tradition of arranged marriages. Marriages formed out of love AKA "love marriages" do happen in India but it is not the norm. It is an accepted fact that a person's family will play a role in picking the marriage partner.