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, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical) influenced both architecture and the fine arts.

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It was Brunellesci's magnificent 1418 design for the dome of the (1420-36) - now regarded as the first example of Renaissance architecture - which ushered in a new style based on the long-neglected placement and proportion rules of Classical Antiquity.

Thus no names of architects are known before about the 5th century BCE.

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This feature, which channeled the weight of the ceiling onto weight-bearing piers or columns at a much steeper angle than was previously possible with the Romanesque 'rounded' arches, permitted architects to raise vaults much higher and thus create the impression of 'reaching towards heaven'.

Perhaps we had to go all the way to high tech to land back in the world of low tech.

The first depictions of this Classical architecture emerged in Italy during the early 15th century when a copy of ("Ten Books Conerning Architecture") by the 1st century Roman architect Vitruvius, was sudddenly unearthed in Rome.

Bas ten Brinke, owner of 70F architecture, therefore decided to do the engineering himself.

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As a result, Rococo architects - in effect, interior designers - confined themselves to creating elaborately decorated rooms, whose plasterwork, murals, tapestries, furniture, mirrors, porcelain, silks, and other embellishments presented the visitor with a complete aesthetic experience - a total work of art (but hardly architecture!)

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Jules Hardouin Mansart and Louis Le Vau were the main architects of the (begun 1623), creating such extravagancies as the Hall of Mirrors and the Marble Court.

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On a more political level, secular Baroque architecture was employed to buttress the absolutism of reigning monarchs, like King Louis XIV of France, among others.

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Its architect, rings the square with colonnades, which widen slightly as they approach the cathedral, conveying the impression to visitors that they are being embraced by the arms of the Catholic Church.

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Renewed patronage of the visual arts and architecture was a key instrument in this propaganda campaign, and resulted in a grander, more dramatic style in both areas.

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Famous French architects included: (1713-80), who designed the Pantheon (1756-97) in Paris; Claude Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806), designer of the Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans (1773-93) and the Cathedral of Saint-Germaine (1762-64); and Jean Chalgrin, who designed the Arc de Triomphe (1806).