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What Is Art Nouveau? How Does It Influence Fashion?

In Scotland Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1863-1928) designed furniture,textiles, and jewellery. He was influenced by the Aesthetics Arts and Crafts movement andlater by Dutch Art Nouveau designers. Contemporary abstract art was one of the main influences in the art of Mackintosh.

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Therobes designed for a graceful appearance and healthy comfort werequite different from the tightly fitted, bustled and trained fashion dresses. They slowly filteredinto main stream fashion because of the comfort factor. They were the forerunner of Tea Gowns adopted by gentle ladies everywhere. The Aesthetic movement was more or less dead by 1900 having been superseded by Art Nouveauwhich expressed similar ideals in the aesthetics of arts and crafts.

This December Queen Sofía Spanish Institute will present , a seminal exhibition analyzing the rich history of Spain's regional clothing styles through the monumental paintings of Valencian artist Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923). Celebrated as a painter of light and hailed as a "modern of the moderns" by art critic Duncan C. Phillips, Sorolla was one of the most successful artists of his time, lauded for his free brushwork and his exceptional ability to capture atmosphere. For the first time, Sorolla's vivid depictions of Spanish life will be shown side by side with the types of costumes they portray in a spectacular display of Spain's traditional dress in all its glory.

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Aestheticdress was aprotest against the contemporary fashion for bustles in various forms and restrictivecorsets. In fashion history terms only a very small section of the community ever wore it initially, butit did spread to middle class intellectuals, to artistic and literary people. Aestheticdress was made of wool or Liberty silk or velvet fabrics.

but it is still an item of clothing intended to be worn.

Peasant influencefrom European dress was particularly applied to the name of coats, cloaks andmantles such as the redingote an empire cloak of Russian origin.

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The period 1800-1837 is part of the Georgian era. George III, insane after 1811, lived on until 1820. His son the Prince Regent, George, already a cause celebre acted as Regent for nine years of the King's madness and then reigned himself from 1820-1830. Because of the influence of the Georgian Prince Regent, this is known as The Regency Period, or the Regency fashion era. Because of some overlap due to the acknowledged prominence of the Prince in court consider the Regency era to being in 1807.

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TheAesthetes were influencedby the Pre-Raphaelite paintings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne Jones who idealized medieval life in imaginaryethereal scenes. The women in the painting appeared to wear no corsetry and thefreedom and naturalness of this was admired by the Aesthetes. To blend and suit these surroundings it was felt that some reformin style of dress was needed and among artistic people it was known as Aestheticdress.

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Conceived of by our Chairman, Oscar de la Renta, curated by Vogue Contributing Editor Hamish Bowles, was the first exhibition to consider the impact of Spain's culture, history and art on one of its greatest twentieth-century sons, the legendary designer Cristóbal Balenciaga (1895-1972). Showcasing more than seventy items of Cristóbal Balenciaga clothing and accessories, BALENCIAGA: is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the House of Balenciaga in Paris and an American institution.

The accompanying catalogue - written by Hamish Bowles; published by Rizzoli; and art directed by Alex González, Executive Creative Director of AR New York and former creative director of GQ, German Vogue, and L'Uomo Vogue - has as its focus the influence of Balenciaga's native country on the designer's creative process and work.

Exclusively for sale at Queen Sofía Spanish Institute, BALENCIAGA: is now through the Institute.