I began to question the beliefs that art therapists had here.

These things make art therapy very different from other types of therapy such as psychotherapy.

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Have you been searching for a career that combines your desire to help others with your passion for the healing value of creativity and art making? The Master of Arts in Counseling and Art Therapy Program at Ursuline enables students to combine those interests in a unique professional program, and prepares graduates to be eligible for both licensure as professional clinical mental health counselors and credentialing as art therapists.

I conducted semi-structured interviews with two art therapists, one male and one female.

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The Master of Science in Art Therapy / Counseling program is approved by the New York State Department of Education and the American Art Therapy Association.

This study will show how art therapy differs from other therapies and exemplify affects of art therapy outcomes.

This thesis explores the experience of Aboriginal children participating in art therapy with a focus on how art provides a language to express their inner thoughts and emotions. It looks at how Aboriginal peoples use metaphor and symbolism through art as a culturally congruent form of communication in therapy. At each stage in the research process new ideas were integrated and explored to improve the art therapy experiences for both the children and family unit as a whole. This thesis demonstrates how the use of art can provide a symbolic language that in turn promotes healthy discussion and insight into the child's healing process.

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The limited evidence illustrates a struggle that art therapyneedsto overcome in order to become more widely used in aiding women'srecoveryfrom breast cancer.

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3). To add to thisfoundationof research, it is my intent to understand how women in Singaporediagnosedwith breast cancer respond to art therapy as a mental health therapy inconjunction with conventional medical treatment.

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Reciprocity occurs throughout the therapeutic relationship and within the art making process. Utilizing this co-creative approach in body imagery, the shared power and reciprocity of the client-therapist relationship is amplified. It is challenging to identify the extent of guidance this population requires because there also needs to be an opportunity for optimal personal growth.

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Art therapy, as described in this paper, is a social process. Through the specific act of co-creating art in a therapeutic setting, there is potential for an individual with a disability to develop a stronger sense of self. In spite of societal bias, persons with disabilities have the potential to make independent choices and to acquire a more normalized identity. Ultimately, a group of persons with disabilities creating body imagery together can diminish the stigmatization that hinders their self-definition.

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Each year, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the culmination and closure of students' studies at the masters level. In studio areas, the celebration takes place in the form of the thesis exhibitions. The academic areas complement this with the publication of students' theses.

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The Graduate Program in Art Therapy / Counseling seeks to train students to professionally use the art therapy process in clinical practice. The program links the studio art experience with depth-oriented psychology theory, such as psychoanalysis, ego psychology, and object relations.