Turkey will be the most important partner of the European Union.

Seven countries, as well as Kosovo, are waiting in the wings to join the European Union.

Turkey should NOT join the Eurovision 2013

Will Turkey end the hostile occupation of a fellow EU state? Will Turkey open its airspace to all EU airlines? Until Turkish troops leave Cyprus and Cyprus airlines is permitted to overfly Turkey then it is practically at war with the EU – hardly a candidate for membership.

Historically, had been part of Lithuania-Poland, a large state in Eastern Europe 400 years ago.

after the turmoil, hope turkey will came back to european values

Finally, we spoke to Nevin Öztop from Turkish LGBT organisation Kaos GL. We caught up with Öztop when she was being presented with the award for her organisation’s work by Solidar at their ceremony in March. We received a comment earlier from criticising MEPs for not doing enough to support LGBT rights in Hungary, so we asked Öztop what the EU can do to support human rights (including LGBT rights) in Turkey without being seen to interfere too much with Turkish sovereignty.

Mmm I don’t think so… Bah i don’t think their prime minister really wants to join EU.

EU should stop this silly wait that has continued for ages. Even if Turkey completes everything they need to complete they will still come up with another excuse. It’s still an embarassment that Bulgaria, Romania and other eastern european countries can enter the EU even though they also have serious problems concerning human rights/ economics.

tyhe basis ethose of the Turkish society goes against all Europe stands for , on every level.

Accession of Kosovo to the European Union - Wikipedia

the Commission praised Pristina's co-operation with the EU law-and-order mission in Kosovo, called Eulex. It highlighted the smashing of a smuggling ring and other joint investigations into organised crime and corruption.

Accession of Kosovo to the European Union ..

While many of these are connected to the EU, like the European currency, the free trade area, Schengen area and customs union, some like the or and are not affiliated with the EU at all.

Accession of Albania to the European Union - Wikipedia

The main force which holds the confederation tight together is the reliance on an European budget which can provide funding for what is needed in member states' large-scale projects, according to a very complex and convoluted regulation system.

The European Union and the Balkans: enlargement or empire?

But a landmark Serbia-Kosovo deal, brokered by the EU on 19 April 2013 after months of arduous negotiations, paves the way for both Serbia and Kosovo to make progress towards EU accession.

The European Union and the Balkans: enlargement or empire

Hopes that accession talks would open in 2008 suffered a blow from election violence in June and a subsequent boycott of parliament by ethnic Albanian opposition parties.