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BOHNET: Now, if people differ in the degree of their self-confidence, that will lead to different self-appraisals and these different self-appraisals will then influence how my manager is going to appraise me and my colleague. And so I don’t know of any evidence suggesting that sharing self-appraisals beforehand does any good. But we have found evidence that these numbers, in fact, do bias the managers and the managers will adjust a little bit, but will adjust incompletely and there will remain this gap between men and women, but not just between men and women, we’ve also found that there are certain cultures, which are more comfortable with, let’s call this bragging, and other cultures which are less comfortable with doing so. So, I think that’s a practice that we should just do away with tomorrow.

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STROBER: I think it was a combination of both. I think that, for example, in medicine, medical schools had a quota and simply did not admit more than a few women in any year. I think that when an employer or an industry group is thinking about hiring women into jobs that have been previously all male, they have to be a little innovative. I think you can get more young women interested in engineering, if you discuss the ways in which engineers help people in society. Women like to help people in society. Well, engineers, by and large, do that. But that’s not the way that engineering is sold. And so I think very small changes could be made that would have huge effects.

Anderson, now retired, More on Anderson’s historic journey:Evelyn CisnerosCisneros beat a path for women of color, too, and became a major figure in the San Francisco Bay Area dance scene for more than two decades.