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Over-Evaluating the Star Player or Key Positions: Teams that have a transcendent player get more betting attention than other teams. This is true in any team sport, where a single player can be good enough to take over a game single-handedly. We need to remember, however, that having a star player is already accounted for in the odds. So if we stumble along taking a team because of that, we’re probably attaching too much value to that player. In addition, the bookie knows he needn’t make the odds all that appetizing, being that no matter what, bettors will support the team with the player who commands a lion’s share of media attention.

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Electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling perfected the art of marching to her own beat long before she became a viral internet sensation. Widely discussed in her memoir, co-authored with her sister Brooke, reached The New York Times Top Ten Bestsellers list and highlights the most memorable moments of her early life as a budding musician, through a fateful appearance on before her rise to stardom. When it comes to her career as an EDM artist, Lindsey Stirling credits as a great learning experience and one of the hardest things she’s ever done. In 2010 her journey on season five of the show ended during the quarter-finals when the three judges provided harsh critique of her hip-hop-inspired instrumental song and dance performance. Yet being voted off of the show provided that ultimate underdog moment, allowing her space to cultivate the professional journey she actually wanted, and to grow into the performance artist she was destined to be. In 2012 Lindsey Stirling started touring the world performing her live show, a combination of original EDM violin compositions with her modern dance and high-octane multimedia visuals, and in 2014 she was invited back to to perform as a featured guest.

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Styles mean everything. Some teams are just harder on other teams due to the way they play. A boxer may be able to annihilate brawlers of high-standing, but a lesser fighter who employs a moving-style beats him. There are different elements that lie within the styles that can suggest many things. We need to be willing to dig under the surface to discover these things. We’re looking for details within all the different stylistic quirks that suggest a team has a better or worse chance of winning than what the bookie is forecasting. In a nutshell, that’s what it is all about.

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Understanding Betting: Before embarking on an activity where you put money on the line, it helps to really have a lot of know-how. To fully comprehend sports betting, there is a lot to learn--beyond the surface understanding that many of the general betting public possesses. Know the odds and what they truly represent. Understand all the different bets so you can employ the most sensible weapons against the book. In other words, have a really solid handle of all the ins-and-outs within the discipline of sports wagering.

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In any form of gambling, the odds are stacked against us. That’s why they’re able to build replica Eiffel Towers in Las Vegas. Sports betting is no different. What that means for you is that it is going to require a special effort to buck the house-edge. You can’t just stumble along and hope it all works out. You need to approach your sports betting studiously and with a level of seriousness. Let this serve as a checklist. And then there are still a ton of things to do. This would certainly be a good start.

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To get to the point where you can beat the odds means you are doing a lot of things right as a handicapper. Some has to do with the actual handicapping of the game, but other things have to do with how you handle money and how you handle yourself. If you can do most of the following things, you will at least put yourself in a position to beat the odds.

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There are any number of things that can come up in the lives of sports bettors that can compromise mental acuity. Maybe you’re coming off a night of drinking. It might not be the best time to wake up in the morning and try to beat the bookie. Or maybe you and your significant other are at each other’s throats. Again, this is something that tends to not boost your mental powers. A successful sports bettor has the wisdom to know when life is simply not cooperating and the knowledge that there are going to be a plenty of good bets just around the corner. You don’t have to bet today.