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Seven women veterans described accounts of sexual harassment and sexual assault, also known in the Veteran Health Administration (VHA) context as Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Betrayal emerged as the way in which women veterans understood and made meaning of their MST experiences during the claims-making process.

violence in Northern Ireland is an utter betrayal of victims ..

If we contend that Satan takes over Judas against his will, then Judas bears no responsibility for his action -- he is an unwilling victim in the same way that an abducted child bears no guilt. But we know that this betrayal is both foretold by Jesus (John 6:70; 13:10-11, 21; Matthew 26:21; Mark 14:18; Luke 22:21) and the person who commits the betrayal is condemned by Jesus (Luke 22:22). "But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born" (Matthew 26:24).

The truth is that just don't know Judas' motives for betraying Jesus, except that money probably played some part.

“We can’t stop all sexual assaults in the military, but we can make sure all survivors are treated properly when they report their assault,” said Sara Darehshori, senior U.S. counsel at HRW and co-author of the report. Rhoads agreed and noted that “ending retaliation is necessary to effectively end sexual assault in the military.”

Pakistan accuses US of betrayal after military aid …

Sexual assault is a significant problem in the military. The Pentagon's latest study found there were an estimated last year alone, and of those, only 6,131 were officially reported. The new HRW report, which is informed by 255 interviews, brings to light how often the reality of retaliation forces survivors to choose between reporting their assaults and keeping their military careers.

Twice Betrayed, Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma …

Amid deepening ethnic and sectarian divisions, with much of the ruling elite and military belonging to the Alawite minority in a mostly Sunni country, the harsh crackdown and army defections have brought the country to what many fear is the brink of civil war.

Pakistan Slams US Suspension Of Military Aid, Accuses It Of Betrayal

She is far from alone in this experience. Both female and male military personnel who report sexual assault are 12 times as likely to experience some form of retaliation as to see their attacker convicted of a sex offense, according to the new report , conducted by Human Rights Watch (HRW), with support from Protect Our Defenders, an advocacy group that works with survivors. Further, Defense Department surveys found that 62 percent of survivors who report sexual assault experience retaliation.

Betrayal: The Civil War in Co. Kilkenny, December 1922 …

Father, have mercy upon all of us. Forgive us our sins and purge us of them, lest they cause us to betray you. Give us the grace of repentance. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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We'll discuss in a later passage the prophesies about Judas' betrayal. But does Judas have any freedom of choice? I believe that he does, though the debate of predestination vs. free will, Calvinism vs. Arminianism, isn't one we'll resolve here. Let's not debate among ourselves these unanswerable questions. We just don't have enough data from the Scripture to understand it well enough. But in a nutshell, here's what I believe, for what it is worth.