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"Life-cycle" studies of the whole production process from sowing the seed to filling the fuel tank can show a different picture.

Industrialised agricultural production of oil crops like soy or rapeseed depends heavily on fossil-fuel inputs which must be included in the equation, and biodiesel made from these crops is not carbon-neutral.

Producing Raw Materials (Soybeans) Biodiesel commercially produced in the United States currently comes, almost exclusively, from soybeans.

We are open for soybeans and soybean meal

And it can easily be made from a common waste product: used cooking oil.

Biodiesel is a much cleaner fuel than conventional fossil-fuel petroleum diesel ("dinodiesel").

Biodiesel, most commonly made from soybeans, is Ohio’s leading alternative fuel. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine with no modifications.

Soybean biodiesel yield reached 92.9% even from oil with high AV of 12.1 mg KOH/g. Thus, HT-Ca catalyst showed a potential practical application for direct production of biodiesel from oils with high AV without pretreatment.

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