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Geldof had recruited him to be part of Live Aid, but unlike other artists who simply moved on after the concert was done, Bono clearly began to make the pursuit his own. A post-gig depression followed for Bono. Stockman describes Bono after his Live Aid contribution as a man embarking upon a search; “there was something incongruous about a great rock celebration aiding people who were starving to death”

Bono relates the news as if he is an infectious-disease expert, not a rock star.

Is Bono the most influential person on earth

JOHANNESBURG — Rock star Bono said Tuesday that technology is key to solving Africa's problems and urged other stars to come forward and promote good causes.

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and More Stars Appear in Bono's Ebola PSA--Watch! - Video Dailymotion

So while last night was decidedly a U2 concert — complete with the band's trademark political messaging, including some very moving videos of a Syrian refugee camp and a somewhat less moving, heavy-handed montage of influential women to whom they dedicated "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" (side note: based on crowd cheers, Michelle Obama is now more revered than Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou or Sojourner Truth) — it was above all a concert. Though U2 are still superstars, their greatest album is an ever bigger superstar — and in a performance that felt almost gracious, stripped of any rock-star posturing, they let its majestic music take center stage.

Rock star and activist Bono and his band U2 face a boycott and action from pro-Palestinian groups after agreeing to play in Israel this summer