This was the first book of medicine to make its way onto the list.

In my opinion, the method of supplementation can be adopted only from Oriental medicine.

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The first thing that is needed when discussing the subject of Oriental medicine, above anything else, is the proper understanding of Oriental medicine itself.

Handbook of Oriental Medicine 5th Edition

Whether one promotes, discards, disagrees with or supports Oriental medicine, without correct understanding of the medicine itself, one should not criticize its validity.

In Korea, people are still receiving plenty of Oriental medical treatments, so discussions on reviving Oriental medicine with the implication of re-establishing it are not relevant.

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Before that, it was simply referred to as traditional Oriental medicine.

Korean Oriental medicine refers to a range of traditional medical practices based on Asian philosophy, which itself was deeply grounded on observation and study of natural phenomena.


I recognized this point early and devoted every possible effort for seven years so far for the modernization, scientific verification and socialization of Oriental medicine.

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The book is an encyclopedia compiled over 15 years by Heo Jun, chief royal physician to King Seonjo of the Joseon Dynasty, around 1600.

Korean Oriental medicine is a relatively new term.

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It made a tremendous contribution to the development of traditional medicine in East Asia, and its influence is still very strong today.

Korean Oriental medicine was in its prime when Western medicine was wholly introduced in the waning years of the Joseon Dynasty (1885).

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He defined the four constitutions, or chejil, based on people’s personalities, diseases they are prone to contract, the foods they like, and psychological traits, and he maintained that treatment should take into account the chejil of a patient for maximum benefit.

After a near complete hiatus under Japanese colonial rule, Korean Oriental medicine experienced a renaissance following national liberation in 1945.

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The first international academic conferences on Korean Oriental medicine were held.

Korean oriental medicine reaches out beyond Korea

In the US, some celebrities including former First Lady Nancy Reagan became loyal customers of Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic in New York, leading Korean Oriental medicine to spread quickly throughout American society.

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“For some people (including myself), getting pregnant is not as easy as others. My husband and I went though almost every possible diagnosis procedure there is in western medicine. Doctors couldn't find any problem nor give much of suggestions. I have always believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Five-thousand-year clinical experience cannot go wrong. Therefore when it comes to infertility, I had to turn to the herbs and acupuncture. After just four months of treatment by Eugene Zhang, at age of 37, I became a proud of expecting mother. For all my friends, they know I have the best baby every parent wants to have.”
-- F. Yang, McLean, VA