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carefully designed in order to avoid demotivating effects
In a small organization management can interact with staff on a day to day basis and social controls may predominate.
However in large, more complex organizations senior management need to delegate decision making and responsibility and semi autonomous divisions/units may be created.

The Budget is a Plan for future activity in which all the objective that the enterprise intends to reach in a period of time which is generally fixed in one year.

10 most important Principles of Budgeting in management

Budgeting Process [Cost & Management Accounting]

Followthe advice of Warner and “own your numbers” before considering methods forpresenting your budget for approval. Often, budget presentations to uppermanagement are brief for the presenter, but long and tedious for the reviewpanel. Therefore, Warner suggests that regardless of the presentation format,the library manager presenting the budget mustbe

This slide explains thoroughly covers the Budgeting chapter in cost & management accoounting

6.0 Findings
6.1 Budgeting Process
6.2 Budget Monitoring
6.3 Budgeting as Management Tool
6.4 Problems in Preparing the Budget
The implementation of IT system is one of the core problem in preparing the budget in KFC
Less experts in IT system lead to the extent of using the system is low
They had overcome this problem by arranging training workshop and program to help in developing employee’s skill in using the software and other IT related equipments.

6.5 Budget Lead to High Performance
The main pricing objective is to achieve the minimum desired rate of return on capital.

8 key budgeting tips for your management team - Reliable Plant

Budgets are more than just a few calculations that we throw away when our questions are answered. In a business context, a budget, once constructed, becomes an essential tool for the financial management of the business. In fact operating a business without a budget is very bad management.