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Code Red Consultants is working closely with EDENS, Pritzker and Lee Kennedy Company (LKCO) on this massive 11 acre development and expansion of the South Bay Shopping Center. This project involves 5 new buildings that will add 500,000 square feet of  mixed-use hotels, theatres, restaurants and residences. The first two buildings achieved early occupancy in November, which is significant considering they were being erected in the midst of a very heightened awareness of construction fire safety in the state of Massachusetts. To that end, we worked hand in hand with LKCO to develop and implement a pre-incident fire plan and construction safety policies that allowed for a phased occupancy that permitted retailers the all-important opportunity to open their doors on Black Friday, as the AMC theater was still under construction. This was achieved via continuous negotiations with city officials, where there was an upfront contract that the fire/life safety systems afforded to building occupants would not be compromised.

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Do you ever feel like you could have taken a better path in life?

Remember your first day of school as a child? If you do, you'll recall that you were probably scared, nervous and afraid of what it was going to be like, but in reality it turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of.

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If it were any other band, you’d be laughing but, as fate would have it, this is your group and it’s no joke to you. You removed your trademark makeup, finally revealing to the public what you really look like, but, that was eleven months ago and now your entire career is going to depend on how well your next album does.

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In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in the information age.

At the end of the day, I'm nothing more than a coach, because that's exactly what a coach does. A coach helps a person find whatever it is that is already within them and utilize it to make them more successful at achieving their goals.

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And the method by which I do so is pretty simple. I implant certain messages into the subconscious mind of the person that I'm working with that causes them to think and behave in a way that is congruent with achieving whatever it is that is important to them.

"Believe It Or Not, My First Coaching Sale Was $4,200!"

We believe strongly in what we do and we believe this passion results in a better product and a more satisfied client. As fire protection engineers we are able to solve code compliance challenges with engineered solutions. As a result, we provide design and code compliance solutions that don’t just meet the code’s intent, but satisfy the vision and goals of our clients.

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Our fulfillment comes from creating lasting relationships with our clients. We take this big picture perspective to every project. We want an opportunity to earn your trust through the reliability and value of our services.

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My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones, clinical hypnotherapist and I have spent the past 25 years of my life helping people achieve positive lasting change through the power of hypnosis.

And The Fact Of The Matter Is That We All Need Coaches

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Yet he had a coach by the name of Phil Jackson, (among many others prior to his NBA days) that helped him become better every single day.