A great deal is known, however, about George Bush's status at Yale.

 “I see our greatest national strength coming from what we stand for in the world,” Gore responded.

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Prescott Bush (Skull & BonesClass of 1917), a Brown Brothers Harriman partner who would serve one termin Congress as senator from Connecticut, sent George to the traditional privatepreparatory school, Phillips Academy in Andover, New Hampshire, which groomsyoung New England squires for later studies at Yale.

It was while finishing his prep school training at Andover that Bush wasfirst exposed to Henry Stimson.

In 1926 George Walker made his son-in-law Prescott Bush, vice-president ofHarriman & Co.

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It would really notbe until the inauguration of George Bush as president in January 1989 --a dozen years later -- that Skull & Bones would resurface with the samedegree of governmental power that it had enjoyed during the Stimson years.

And CIA Director William Colby, who had dueled with Angleton,was fired and replaced by Skull & Bones member George Bush.

If these maneuvers were intended to be the first step in a more ambitiouscomeback by the WASP warrior faction, the plan was short-circuited with theelection in November 1976 of Jimmy Carter as president.

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(Members of Skull & Bones wereinvolved in the development of both games.) Team sports supposedly preparethe future Bonesman to accept leadership responsibility, and more importantly,teach him to "respect the rules of the game."

According to one biographer, when George Bush was a Yale undergraduate hewas a member of the university baseball team.

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Those ties linkeach Bonesman to every other initiate, especially to those initiates whowere members of the Order in the same year.

Thus, every member of Skull & Bones is, in real and practical terms,part of a small elite group of young Yale graduates -- most from wealthyand powerful WASP families -- who enter the world of politics, business,finance, intelligence or education and who proceed to make their mark onthe world.

According to several sources, President George Bush to this day frequentlyconsults with several of his fellow Yale Bonesmen, and has, on occasion,called upon Skull & Bones members to carry out secret diplomatic missionsfor the White House.


These rites of passage into the upper ranks of the WASP Establishment arecapped by the experience the Bonesmen go through in their final year at Yale-- the year in which they actively participate in the Order.

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Many Yale Bonesmen ofPresident George Bush's generation, as the result of the outbreak of WorldWar II, went directly from prep school into the military service prior totheir entering Yale.

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* Prescott Bush, investment banker and partner in Brown Brothers Harriman,United States Senator from Connecticut, father of George Herbert Walker Bush

* George Herbert Walker Bush, United States Congressman (1964-1970), Chairmanof the Republican National Committee, United States Ambassador to the UnitedNations, first American Diplomatic Liaison to the Peoples Republic of China,Director of the Central Intelligence Ageney (1975-1977).

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Critics of the Order have pointed out that this philosophy of power and theimperial use of military force comes straight from the chronicles of theRoman Empire -- especially the Roman Empire during its phase of decline andcollapse.

The criticism may prove to be most prophetically true of the current generationof Bonesmen who are leading the United States under the presidency of GeorgeBush.