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Caliban and Ariel – The Tempest A2 Exam Revision

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Shakespeare shows this by having Prospero, the rightful duke of Milan and Usurping ruler of the island, call Caliban, “A devil, a born devil on whose nature nurture can never stick” but then having Miranda, Prospero’s daughter, say “I pi...

These memories that Caliban speaks of convey both Caliban's eloquence and years of living on the island.

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When exploring the relationship between Prospero and Caliban, a ‘whelp hag-born’ living on the island when Prospero and Miranda first arrive, we must consider a number of aspects of Prospero and Caliban’s relationship....

Here the magician Prospero is ruler of the isle with his two servants Caliban and Ariel. Caliban is the abrasive, foul-mouthed son of the evil witch Sycorax.

Racism and Colonial Ideals in The Tempest and …

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It is, rather, to orchestrate the reclamation of his lost duchy, Milan, through both his magic and a shrewd manipulation of both the shipwrecked party and the islanders (Caliban and Miranda).