12 Basic Guidelines - campaign strategy

Here’s how to figure out the best political campaign strategy for YOUR campaign.

How to Run & Win Political Campaigns: Election Strategies

These guidelines cover things that do apply to most campaigns, as they concern structure and strategy. Once you see them these 'tools' look like common sense but they are easy to overlook because they are so fundamental.

Reality Check - campaign strategy

Planning the Campaign Strategically - GEF Campaign …

The strategy is the compass for your campaigns. Without a working strategy, a campaign will turn into a series of unplanned reactions to unanticipated events. The strategy defines the aims and shows how they can be achieved.

Campaigning can be fun but it's often hard, dull, frustrating and unsuccessful

Governments and campaigners both face a common problem: how to generate change and political space for change. The conventional science-UN politics-media process isn't going to get them there - but other strategies could.

The strategy is the compass for your campaigns