thanks i understand every word my level 90%

Thanks a lot I really got a lot of benefits from these lessons …

very fluent for understanding. nice for training

Thanks for this real conversation. I am really enjoying it so mush. It’s cool. I love it. I think it’s very useful for me to listen and listen again. Thanks for sending me more such kind of exersises!

I love English but I don’t speak fastly

I want to be professional in english

My dear techers
think you for all Im understand 20 % from leasons in this time Im not us dec Im try to be imbrouf think you again Im glad to have leasons from you

Actually, I have understood more than 80%, but not entire record. There were some words that I didn’t understand them and a few that I forgot their meaning. As a conclusion, you are great, I’ll attend your Advanced Conversation Club.
See you soon.

I want to lean English language

Hy Teachers,I listen the converation, but the result is not good: I understand less of 50%.I think that i’m at the beginning and I have to work hard to improve understanding.
Best regards.

I speak Koreans,I’m not speak English.

Nice to hear from you. sorry I’m not equipped to answer this interview it is because the moment the spring to come. I understand most but not a good answer except to translate it first, is not no safe. But do not lack interest perhaps more time
interest is 100% and frustrating not being able to better

I think I have understood 95% of this conversation.. thank You

Hello teachers, thanks for the conversation, i listenend the audio without pausing and i understood almost everything, i think i’m at the intermedie level. that a one becouse i should still here.

Thank you for this stuff you make avaiable for those

I wish I could understand much but, I think my level is somewhere between intermediate and high intermediate. Bcoz when I was listening, in some parts I could understand 100% and in the other parts I couldn’t understand even %80.I thought about the words that I could’nt catch the sentences which were spoken too fast… but thanks to the teachers who made this wonderful attempt. I could learn english more faster by following the 7 rules…

who want to know what their level English is. I am

i really want to learn english, but i miss the lesson, rule 3 and 4, can u send me again please? thanks more power and have a blessed day to all….

very suprised because athough I could understand each

Thanks for your support. I think I need more some time due to I could only understand 50% of this conversation. I hope I could join the advanced conversation club soon.