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But is it really nothing more than a silly Is reading Romeo and Juliet the equivalent of students 400 years from now studying ? Famous seventeenth-century journaler dismissed the plays as "the worst that ever [he] heard in [his] life" (). And even we have to admit that Romeo seems a lot more like an emo teenager than a man in the grips of immortal passion.

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Shakespeare adapted the storyline from Arthur Brookes' popular (1562), a long English poem based on a story that dates back to a novella by Masuccio Salernitano called "" (1476). But it's not just a remake. Ever heard of the Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet? Yeah, we thought not. Shakespeare made the story immortal—or, at least extremely long-lived. The balcony scene alone (Act 2, Scene 2 in most editions of the play) is one of the most memorable and recognizable moments in all of Western literature.

Despite its fancy pedigree, Romeo and Juliet is also considered to be one of Shakespeare's most accessible works. Along with Julius Caesar, it's typically one of the first Shakespeare plays studied by Western students, who get a dose of Elizabethan theater, Shakespearean language, and, of course, love poetry. And it's not just a school favorite; it's an audience favorite, too. Romeo and Juliet has been performed countless times by world-renowned theater companies and remains an audience favorite.

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Want more deets? We've also got a complete about Romeo and Juliet, with three weeks worth of readings and activities to make sure you know your stuff.

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Wesley represents what Romeo is all about, which is very good looking and passionate.
Holland Roden makes a perfect Juliet Capulet, due to her innocent looks and
love-struck parts she plays in the show
"Teen Wolf." She portrays Juliets fair
beauty as well.
Snooki represents the Nurse's crazy and wild personality in the reality TV show "Jersey Shore." She is very outgoing
and loud, just like the Nurse is in
Romeo and Juliet
James Franco has played many roles as a very daring, bold individual, which is exactly what kind of character Tybalt is.

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Romeo and Juliet (active) First, everyone chooses a partner, If someoneis left over he or she can be your partner. One member goes to aninside circle and the other stands beside that person on the outside circle. The circles rotate in opposite directions.

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The leader yells out either"Romeo and Juliet", "Wheelbarrow" or "Siamese Twins". The last coupleto perform the action is out. The game continues until there is oneremaining couple. The partners remain with the same partner throughoutthe entire game.

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Romeo and Juliet - One partner sits on the other's knee Wheelbarrow- One holds the other's legs upright Siamese Twins - Back to Back and bentover, hands held between their legs.